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September 2017

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Free Website Health Check

By Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, Top Tips, Web Design, Web Design UK

Do you have a website and not sure how you can improve the performance?  – Get Our Free Website Health Check Today!

Whether you have just launched your new website or have been around for several years, it never hurts to check in and see if your site is doing all it can.

The Web Surgery offer a Free Website Health Check which has been designed by our talented web experts to provide all our customers with real insight into their website and how it can be improved.

Nobody is perfect and good businesspeople always look to improve and invest in their online presence. If you’re not sure why your website isn’t delivering the results you want, book your Free Website Health Check today.

What makes a Good Website?

There are many different factors that go into a well-designed, effective and popular website.  Our free digital health check is your opportunity to get your website the professional once over, with recommendations for how it can be improved.

A good website incorporates many different features and it will include:

  • Suitable, responsive design: well-designed websites which are responsive for all devices and screen sizes are favoured by Google and satisfy your customers. The web design UK customers can benefit from means there is no excuse for a poor design and our web design services are available on a scaled tariff to suit all budgets
  • Search engine optimisation: how do you expect your website to be found by search engines if you haven’t optimised it? SEO should be an integral part of your business’ digital strategy.
  • Fresh content: the most popular websites are regularly updated. You need to provide your visitors with quality, regularly updated content and the easiest way to do this is through a blog or through social media channels which can be embedded in your site such as YouTube.

We can provide recommendations in all these areas and can also discuss our services in relation to each individual area, if you decide you need professional help to lift your site to the next level. Things which you may not think are that important such as spelling errors or broken links can have a significant negative impact on your website.

Get in touch for your FREE Website Health Check

You want to rank well for your chosen keywords and you want your website to impress all potential customers that come your way.  If you’re not currently getting the traffic you want or perhaps you are getting traffic but not conversions, then our free health check can help point you in the right direction.

Get in touch today for your free Website Health Check and see how we can help.

Bespoke photo shoot for your business

By Photography, Web Design UK

Are you looking for a bespoke photo shoot for your business?

We regularly organise on and offsite photo shoots all over the UK, which include photographers, assistants, makeup artists and stylists.

The photographs, illustrations and icons featured on your website paint a picture of your company. Therefore, we offer quality photography to provide unique images for you.

If you don’t need a professional photographer then we can purchase stock library images for you. Please contact us if you are looking for a particular image for your website or would like to view our sample images, our creative team are on hand to provide you with cutting edge photos to match the character of your web page.

A bit about us…

The Web Surgery is an award-winning strategic digital agency specialising in photography, web design, branding, apps, SEO and marketing. We are committed to providing exceptional results for clients through strategic thinking, creativity and innovation.

How we work

Are you looking for help to update your existing website or are you a startuop who needs to have your first website built?

The Web Surgery can help and see below how we work…

  • Research: We talk through your ideas and fill out our simple brief. We then go off and do some research on the industry you’re in and start to gather our ideas
  • Branding: Then we start to develop some ideas and create a strategy for your design with mood boards, wireframes and mockups etc
  • Design: Through our conversations, 121’s and workshops we develop our ideas and create the ideal concept for you
  • Development: You give us feedback and we make changes to the project so you are happy with the results
  • Test: We test the product and make sure everything works perfectly
  • Launch: Then we launch your project to the outside world
  • Support: You can manage your project yourself or we can look after it for you which allows you can concentrate on what you enjoy the most
  • SEO and Marketing: We can help promote your project using a combination of online and offline SEO and marketing techniques
  • Analyse: We can analyse your project every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of what you’ve created

If you would like to know more all you need to do is contact The Web Surgery and see how we can help.