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Medical Business Coaching

Our name suggests we might have a little bit of know-how to support the medical sector and it really is true.

At The Web Surgery we provide a range of tailored services to the medical and healthcare sector, including bespoke medical business coaching.

Why do you need Medical Business Coaching?

As a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional your experience lies in your specific medical skills and training.

However, when you enter private practice it’s important to utilise your entrepreneurial side to ensure success. That’s where we come in. We work with healthcare professionals and private practice owners to support their business growth and development. Our specialised experience in the sector means we know how to market and develop a medical business and attract more patients to your practice. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure they satisfy patient expectations whilst also meeting the needs of their stakeholders.

Business Coaching for Private Medical Practitioners

We appreciate that every private medical practitioner wants to run their business in their own unique way, emphasising their business’ strengths and specialisms.

We provide a bespoke medical coaching service to all of our clients, ensuring their business goals are set and achieved.  We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses in the private healthcare sector, including many private doctors and practice owners. We understand how to support your business in its infancy, for those of you just entering the private practice world as well as giving tailored guidance and support for experienced private practitioners too.

Packages include:

– Market research, analytics and intelligence
– Sales and marketing support
– Business development consultancy
– Specialised business coaching
– Infrastructure guidance and support

Design and Marketing Expertise for the Healthcare Sector

The Web Surgery has always specialised in web design and marketing.

But our experience in the medical sector has allowed us to expand our range of services to offer the complete package for medical businesses. Healthcare professionals can benefit from our extensive experience in areas including;

Medical Website Design

Our experienced web designers work with you to create an appropriate and eye-catching medical web design to attract patients and engage those already registered with you.


If you’re taking the first step into business, then you need to consider your practice from a brand perspective. You need to look at creating your brand to make your marketing practices more effective and help ensure your company becomes known and recognisable.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click)

Advertising is probably not something you’re used to doing. Medical professionals are in high demand, especially in the public sector, and waiting lists are long so you don’t have to think about where you’ll get your patients from. As a business you need to advertise and our team has experience in all kinds of online advertising including paid methods such as PPC and longer-term organic SEO.

Social Media Management

Once you have an online presence, you need to keep on of it. Managing your social channels and keeping on top of your presence does take time and we’re more than happy to do this for you. We can manage the social side of your business and ensure you have quality posts which keep your audience engaged and interested. We can tailor content to each of your social channels to ensure the best chance of engaging with your customers.

Photo and Video Shoots

To ensure your online presence and website are a proper reflection of your business, it helps to include the human side of your business and this means photographs and video. We offer a bespoke photoshoot service where we come to your clinic or practice. If required, we also supply models, hair and makeup and a location finding service.

Medical Copywriting

Your strengths lie in your medical and healthcare specialism, ours is in ensuring that all your expertise is made clear in concise and persuasive written form. We can provide all the words you need to bring your website to life and can also provide regular medically-themed blog posts and email marketing campaigns to ensure you’ve always got high quality, well-written content regularly updated on your website.

Some of our medical customers

Prestige Private Health - Private GP Clinic

Private Clinic:
Prestige Private Health

Premier League Medical Advisor

Premier League Medical Advisor:
Dr Mark Gillett

Private Healthcare:

Mr Darren Chester - Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon:
Mr Darren Chester

Medical Website Design - Dr Rehan Haidry

Consultant Gastroenterologist:
Dr Rehan Haidry

Mr Ashley Costin-Brown

Orthopaedic Surgeon:
Mr Ashley Costin-Brown

Gynaecology Website Design

Consultant Gynaecologist:
Mr Anthony Parsons

London Rhinoplasty

Private ENT Clinic:
London Rhinoplasty

website design orthotic consultant

Private Clinic:
Orthotic Consultants

Aesthetics Website Design

Non-surgical Technology:
EpiNu Aesthetics

ENT Consultant:
Mr Sachin Patil

Dr Martin Whyte

Associate Professor:
Dr Martin Whyte

London Hip Practice

Private Medical Clinic:
London Hip Practice

The Blood Clinic

Private Clinic:
The Blood Clinic

Private GP Clinic - Chelmsford Private GPs

Private Clinic:
Chelmsford Private GPs

Family First Healthcare - Private Online GP Services

Private Online GP Service:
Family First Healthcare

Private GP Practice - Chelsea Medics

Private Medical Clinic:
Chelsea Medics

Mr Majid Chowdhry - Knee and Hip Orthopaedic surgeon

Orthopaedic Surgeon:
Mr Majid Chowdhry

Foot Clinic Website Design - Finchley Foot Clinic

Foot Clinic:
Finchley Foot Clinic

King Edward VII Hospital - Private General and Occupational Practice

Private Practice Harley Street:
GP At London W1

Dr Harsha Bilolikar - Consultant Paediatrician

Consultant Paediatrician:
Dr Harsha Bilolikar

consultant cardiologist - Dr Paul Kirk

Consultant Cardiologist:
Herts-London Cardiology

Olaya Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery London and Newcastle

Plastic Surgery:
Olaya Plastic Surgery

Dr Gerard Hall - Consultant Rheumatologist

Consultant Rheumatologist:
Dr Gerard Hall

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon:
Miss Anna Grabowska

Consultant Gynaecologist - Dr Ivilina Pandeva

Consultant Gynaecologist:
Dr Ivilina Pandeva

Mr Brij Madhok - Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon

Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon:
Mr Brij Madhok

Dr Suzy Walton

Multi-sector Board Director:
Dr Suzy Walton

Medical Business Coaching with The Web Surgery

Get in touch today to begin your bespoke business coaching programme with The Web Surgery.

Our teams are highly experienced in working alongside medical and healthcare professionals and we can’t wait to get started on your project.