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Live Music Market

Website Design for Live Music Market

The Web Surgery were asked by Live Music Market to design and launch a website for them.

We created a fully functional website that allowed staff to update the Live Music Market website themselves and band members or solo artists can add their profile details to the website – subject to approval.

Website Address

Services Provided
Website Build and Design
Search Functionality
Contact Form
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Social Media

Businesses can be judged according to three basic criteria.

1. The quality of their product
2. Value for Money
3. Customer care and relations

The Web Surgery, has quite simply exceeded all expectations in all these areas. We at LiveMusicMarket have a website which, given our budget, is better than we had believed possible, at a price which I still have to pinch myself to believe, and all sorted out for us personally by their CEO Grant Brookes, who listened with care and applied his imagination with creativity, not to mention demonstrating superhuman patience and understanding when our demands started to come flying in.

In short, we at LiveMusicMarket are both satisfied and grateful and we would have no hesitiation recommending The Web Surgery in the highest possible terms.
Loclann O’Grady (Director – Live Music Market Ltd)