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Ecommerce Website Designer in UK

By Ecommerce Web Design, Web Design UK, Website Design Business

Whether you want to sell designer clothes online, beauty products or drinks, we can provide you with the very best in Ecommerce products and services.

Our website design team are renowned for creating user friendly websites, packed with all of the technology you need to stay ahead of the competition; including mobile and tablet optimised sites.

We can advise and assist you with every aspect of your new online shop.

We can be there to bounce ideas off of, we can help create your very own branding, we can manage the back-end of your store once it is live, we can even market and promote your website.

This diverse range of digital services, all in one place, ensures that your ecommerce web design experience is hassle-free. You can concentrate on running your business and we’ll do the rest!

Ecommerce web design features:

  • Start selling your products or services online 24/7
  • Our Ecommerce websites are built to your specifications
  • Responsive so that they work on desktops, tablets and mobiles.
  • We specialise in Ecommerce Web Design
  • Professional bespoke design
  • Update your website yourself 24/7 or we can do it for you
  • Built in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Accept online payments
  • Domain using, .com, .me, .org, (others available).
  • Manage your products and services with control on prices & shipping
  • Stock control for real time stock levels
  • Offer vouchers, coupons or online discounts
  • EPOS integration
  • Run on search engine browsers (Google, Big, Firefox, Safari, IE).
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Video
  • Google Analytics

Ecommerce Website Design Examples

Please find below some examples of ecommerce websites we’ve designed and built:

Would you like to have a new website built or have one updated?

Then get in touch with The Web Surgery today and see how we can help – contact us here.

Probate and Wills | Will Writing

Probate and Wills launch in the UK

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The Web Surgery have just launched the new website for Probate and Wills

Probate and Wills are a will writing service.  They provide customers with peace of mind that their final wishes are carried out and that loved ones are cared for when they are gone.


We created a lifestyle website that is responsive to run on desktops, tablets and mobiles.  The website gives customers advice about wills and probates including making a will, guardians and executors, protecting your assets, marriage after death, divorce of beneficiaries and long term care.

Website Address


  • Website design and build
  • Responsive for desktops, mobiles and tablets
  • SSL certificate
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • SEO

New Business Startup Package

By Branding, Content Creation, Ecommerce Web Design, Graphic Design, Marketing, Photography, PR, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, Social Media Management, The Web Surgery, Video Production, Web Design, Web Design UK, Website Design Business

A New Business Startup Package that’s tailored to your exact needs

We work with you on a regular basis in order to move your business forward and offer a range of services to help focus on your key objectives.

How we can help with your new business idea

To start your new business we plan and execute strategic online solutions, utilising every aspect of the marketing mix and delivering marketing strategies that communicate and generate profit.

Business Startup Package to help you…


Website Design

We will build you a 5 page website (you can have more) that is responsive so it works on desktops, tablets and mobiles.


We will create a brand identity for your business and include three logo designs, 100 designed and printed business cards and 500 designed and printed A5 leaflets.


We offer free stock library images for your website or we can setup a bespoke photo shoot – additional costs will apply.

Hosting and Domains

Free domain, emails and website hosting for the first year.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

We build all our websites with SEO in mind and incorporate a basic SEO software package.


We launch all our websites to the major search engines and can help put together an advertising strategy to help generate enquiries.

Customer Support

We will support you from the start of your project right through to completion and beyond.


If you want us to, for a monthly fee, we will maintain your website so you can concentrate on building your business.

Contact us regarding our Business Startup Package

To find out more or to discuss your new business idea contact The Web Surgery here.

Building Your Own Website Can Be A Mistake

By Branding, Ecommerce Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, The Web Surgery, Web Design, Web Design UK, Website Design Business

wed design londonThe Biggest Mistakes of DIY Websites

Opting to build your own website is something many new business owners try out and most soon decide it isn’t worth the hassle and opt to use a designer instead. A DIY website can save your business a little money but in the long run it won’t be up to the task of promoting your business and getting you the ROI you need to succeed. There are many big mistakes that come with trying to wing it and build your own website and here are some of the most common and most damaging ones.

Not Understanding your Business Needs

You may be convinced what you need is a simple landing page so people know who you are and what you do. We regularly hear the phrase ‘I just need a simple website’ and this is never usually the case. What our customers want is an effective website, one which gets the results they’re looking for and one which challenges and exceeds their competitors. We’ve said it before but your website can be the most powerful tool you have for promoting your business so it needs to be effective in bringing in business and not just a simple template design which you don’t know how to use.

Not Understanding your Audience

It is very easy to get wrapped up in web design if it isn’t your job. Changing colours, sizes and repositioning images can be quite overwhelming and you may spend hours fiddling with colours and sizing to your personal preferences rather than thinking about what your audience needs. Does your website match the ideals and opinions of your target audience? Your website is not part of you, it’s a reflection of your business and should be tailored to suit your business customers. You may love the colour purple but if it doesn’t fit with your brand then you need to avoid it. Many small business owners have template sites setup which perfectly match their personal tastes but don’t actually consider the preferences of their audience. A professional web designer works to construct a website that you are more than happy with but also suits your industry and your audience.

Not Understanding what Google is looking for

Many small and new business owners are shocked to find their website isn’t even close to the first page on Google. There’s a misconception that building a website and leaving it there is enough to please Google and other search engines. This is simply not the case and as we know search engine optimisation is an absolute must to help push your business into the consciousness of Google and other search engines. Optimising your website involves certain elements of design as well as content and building a website yourself, with no knowledge of this, often means that you end up with a site that simply cannot and will not be found by Google. A professional designer will ensure your design is SEO ready and may also be able to advise on how to continue your strategy and implement it regularly to ensure your search engine results page improves.

A DIY design may seem like a cost-effective first step to get your business online but it won’t deliver the results you’re looking for. A professional designer is an investment in your business you won’t regret.

If you would like to know more or find out how we can help you then please call us on 020 8144 6540 or contact us at

Business Insurance

Compare Business Insurance Quotes Online

By The Web Surgery, Web Design, Web Design UK, Website Design Business

Are you looking to compare Business Insurance quotes online?

Make sure you go to Just Quote Me – – and see how they can help your business with it’s insurance needs.

Just Quote Me are Business and Personal Insurance experts who believe that – “Quality Insurance is not Expensive, it’s Priceless!”.

Just Quote Me provide policies that pay when you have a claim because they take all your details and give them to Insurers – that’s how they provide unique policies and piece of mind.

Far too many insurance policies sold do not offer adequate insurance cover to the individual or businesses they are quoting for – they are generic in both appearance and covers – this can often mean that the cover could be useless to the policyholder or even worse no cover for the sections they actually need.  How can one form fit all Business Insurance needs?  The answer is it can’t and that’s why Just Quote Me pride themselves on both Industry knowledge and ability to package together a bespoke Insurance policy that will suit your individual demands and needs.

Just Quote Me provide policies that pay when you have a claim because they take all your details and give them to Insurers that’s how they provide unique policies and piece of mind.

Contact Just Quote Me today and see how they can help your business with it’s insurance needs –

EPPS Training and Development - Railway Safety critical courses

Railway Training Company Website Launch

By Marketing, SEO, The Web Surgery, Web Design, Web Design London, Web Design UK, Website Design Business

The Web Surgery launch the new website for Epps Training Development

Epps Training Development (ETD) is a training and assessment provider specialising in railway safety critical courses.


We designed and built a responsive website that allows people to view the range of railway training courses.

Website Address

Services Provided

  • Responsive to work on desktops, tablets and mobiles
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media
  • Blog
  • Branding
  • Marketing
E-Commerce web design

Self employed and want to start own business

By Ecommerce Web Design, Marketing, SEO, The Web Surgery, Web Design, Web Design UK, Website Design Business

Use The Web Surgery to launch your very own website

Today, more and more of us are turning to self employment to earn an income. The rising cost of childcare, endless travelling and time away from our families are a huge factor as to why we want to ‘be our own boss’.

The internet is the ultimate platform to propel you to self employed success. Being online means you can be accessed from all around the globe, at any time, by anyone. So creating a website is essential if you’re looking to expand and develop your business further.

Like anything else in life, there are risks when it comes to starting an online business through self employment. What if nobody visits your website? How will people find it? What will make my business stand out from the rest?

The Web Surgery will work with you to build a unique website that specifically targets your audience and captures their attention. Our team of experts also use the latest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which will help your business to stay ahead of any competition.

Establishing your online presence should be an enjoyable experience and using our expertise we can work with you to create a website that is both engaging and modern. We can even market and promote your business making it easier for consumers to find you.

We will be here to guide you through every aspect of your online journey and you can even call us for advice once your website is complete. You will then be able to access and run your business through your desktop, tablet or mobile which means you can work from home or on the go.

Contact The Web Surgery today for more information on how we can help.

eCommerce web design uk

Top 5 tips for your e-commerce business

By Ecommerce Web Design, Web Design UK, Website Design Business

“You can concentrate on running your business and we’ll do the rest!” – The Web Surgery.

Running a successful business is a reward in itself but can also be stressful and daunting at the best of times. The bigger your business becomes, the less time you have to focus on your branding which should both go hand in hand.

Stock management can be hard to keep on top of, your image may feel dated and out of touch with the times. And what about those social media business channels that need updating?

The Web Surgery offers a diverse range of digital services helping you, the client, to build your business and keep things running smoothly with help from a team of dedicated professionals.

Variety of services

Whether you specialise in designer clothing, jewellery, electrical goods or homeware, The Web Surgery uses a wide range of e-commerce solutions to ensure your business stays ahead of any competition. Take control of your business by managing your products and services with a click of a button.

Round the clock care

Our team are available to advise and assist you 24/7 should you have any concerns about your business. Whatever the worry, it is never too big or too small. This is your brand and you hold the power to be as creative as you like.

Run your entire business from one place!

Our professionally bespoke websites are specifically tailored to give the vision you want for your customer. Response technology means your website can be accessed from desk tops, tablets and mobiles.

Market your brand

Let our team of professionals help promote your brand through the use of clever marketing tools.

Compete with other online businesses

We can create special offers, discounts and online coupons for your customer to use on critical retail days of the year i.e. Mothers/Fathers day, the Christmas period, World Book Day, Black Friday and so on.

Visit our E-Commerce section now to see how your brand can benefit from our variety of e-commerce packages!

Web Design UK - The Web Surgery

Top Tips for Marketing Your Business

By Marketing, The Web Surgery, Web Design UK, Website Design Business

Marketing your business can seem like an extremely hard task if you don’t know where to start.

There are specific processes you should be considering alongside a general approach to marketing and if you want your business to grow quickly and be recognised for its quality then you should start with these six tips for kick starting your marketing success.

1. Outstanding Website Design and Development

There is nothing so important as your website. Your website is a window to your business and it needs to wow everyone who visits it. It is the number one thing you have to get right to ensure your potential customers are interested and engaged with your brand. Your website is the base from which your brand identity is formed and your website should tick the following boxes:

Visually engaging: your site should be designed in a way which represents your brand but looks great and is designed to attract attention and keep it

Strong Call-to-Action: you site is designed to sell your product and service and you can only do this with quality copy. You need to include strong sales copy and an impossible-to-ignore call-to-action.

High conversion rates: Your website should be designed in a way which takes potential customers on a journey from casual visitors to engaged consumers and eventually, brand loyalists.

2. Invest in Marketing Automation

Not every aspect of your small business marketing can be automated but investing in a quality marketing automation system such as Hubspot or Marketo. These systems provide valuable automated processes such as forms to capture leads, databases for storing and organising contacts, integrated email marketing and lead scoring. Marketing automation is not something which can be left entirely on its own, as the name suggests, as you do need to effectively set it up and it allows you to quickly scale your marketing efforts. Rather than bringing in additional staff you can opt for an automation system and make a saving.

3. Build your Prospect List

It is possible to buy email marketing lists but it’s not ethical and it doesn’t look good. Organic list building can involve social media engagement, chatting to contacts and networking and it is a long-term process but it reaps much bigger awards.

The use of what is known as lead magnets is an effective way of organically growing your email list. Lead magnets simply work on the basis that you exchange valuable content for prospect’s information, or even just their email address. It could be you produce an eBook or webinar and send it out to prospects you provide you with their email address. They are the on your email list and you can potentially send further promotion and business-related offers in their direction.

4. Use AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most powerful and flexible advertising tools out there. No, it isn’t free and yes, it does take a little time to get used to it but like with most Google products, there is plenty of advice out there. It’s especially useful for small businesses as you can set a tight budget for your campaigns. It is based on the keywords you choose, so you have a direct link to potential customers and your advert is put in front of them, only when they search for it.

You may have hoped your early advertising efforts could have been done for free but in reality, if you don’t invest in and start building AdWords campaigns as soon as possible after launching, you’re missing out on directly targeting your potential audience.

5. SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) sounds a lot more technical than it actually is. It works in a more natural way than AdWords and if you do your own SEO then it will cost you nothing but time.

SEO is long-term commitment for your business and it is a process which may take a number of months to reap rewards. Once it begins to work though, it won’t stop. SEO is the process of trying to ensure your website ranks well for specific keywords without paying for the privilege.

Successful SEO is about balancing on-page factors and off-page factors as these are combined together to give you a ranking and position you amongst the other sites which are attempting to rank for the same keywords. To succeed in SEO you need to have a website which is well designed, responsive, full of high quality, relevant content and you have to keep it fresh.

6. Social Media

Social media is a practically free method of getting the word out there about your business. It is your opportunity to show the world the personal side of your brand and engage with potential customers.

A good brand social media feed mixes up content from their website, with product or service promotion and plenty of engagement and sharing relevant information from other sites and influences. You will not succeed on social media if all you do is post links to your website.


If you would like to know more or have any questions about marketing your business then please get in touch with us.


Web Design For Insurance Company – Just Quote Me

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The Web Surgery have just launched the new insurance website for Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me is an online insurance company that offers fast, simple business and personal insurance.  It searches all the major insurance providers to help customers save time and money.

Web Design Insurance Solution

We created a responsive website that works on desktops, tablets and mobiles so customers can get instant quick insurance quotes from wherever they are.  The website allows users to search for insurance using a simple search functionality that offer a wide range of business and personal insurances.

Website Address

Services Provided

  • Insurance website design and build
  • Complex search functionality
  • Responsive to work on desktops, tablets and mobiles
  • Online payment gateway
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Quick quote
  • Online training
  • Social Media
  • Blog
  • Marketing
  • Analytics