We were asked to create the website, branding and event for the Belly Poppers Ultimate Challenge.

The Belly Poppers Ultimate Challenge is a food eating competition which starts off in a Young’s pub in Barnes, London.

The Challenge

The challenge is to eat a 1.5kg beefburger with all the trimmings or a 1 foot long sausage roll in the fastest time. The winner will not only be crowned the Belly Poppers champion but will also win some fantastic prizes!


We created a website that allowed people to register to enter the competition and see if they could become the Belly Poppers Ultimate Challenger. The website uses a CMS which allows the users to update the website before, during and after the event.


The belly Poppers Ultimate Challenge will continue at other venues so keep an eye out to see if they come to a place near you soon – www.bellypoppers.com


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