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July 2016

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Medical Practice Website

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What Does Your Medical Practice Website Need?

The rise of ‘Doctor Google’ has meant more and more medical practices have seen the benefits of getting online.

Being able to provide practical advice and guidance online as well as a handy platform for patients to access appointments and prescriptions has become common amongst doctors and medical practices. Professional doctors’ websites need to be designed in a way which ensures they provide all the information you could need, without getting too technical.

How do you feel about your current practice website? A lot of medical practice websites are quite outdated or simply provide a landing page where the basics such as contact information can be found.

We now live in an age where people look online before anything else and if your patients know they can visit your website for support and guidance, it saves them getting an appointment with Doctor Google!

Key Features for Medical Websites

Your medical practice website should be designed and it should incorporate the following features:

Consistent Branding

Your website should reflect the same image as your practice. If you have a practice logo this should be consistently used online and similarly on any practice stationery. A consistent image is key to appearing professional and trustworthy.

Booking System

Most websites for doctors include some kind of booking system or system for ordering repeat prescriptions. If not a full system, then you may like to set aside a particular phone line and have this highlighted on your website or a separate email inbox which can be accessed via an online form.

Responsive, Clear Design

Your medical practice website should be accessible via any device. Plenty of people no longer have computers or laptops and instead simply do all their web browsing via their mobile phones.

If your website is designed responsively then you can be sure it will be compatible with almost every model of mobile phone. In the same instance your design needs to be clean and clear, so all the important information is easily accessible.

Advice and Guidance

You may not have the time or energy to commit to a regular weekly blog, although if you do have the time it is highly recommended for getting word about your practice out there.

Alternatively, you could put together a simple set of articles or advice guides which can be shared via your website and it adds further value and trust to your site. It shows you are committed to your patients and want to offer them as much support as you possibly can.

You can guarantee a large percentage of your current patient list has googled a medical condition at least once. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it shows us that more medical practices need to have a strong presence online and if you have a well-designed, regularly updated website, your patients will soon take note.

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