Website Design for Medical Centre

Many businesses in the healthcare industry are not making the most of their online presence.

As the internet is a key communication tool for almost all patients, it is something that medical service providers should be harnessing.  We are digital experts specialising in the medical world and offer a wide range of bespoke services.

Your Medical Centre Website

 Your medical centre needs a website which reflects what you offer, your opening times, your availability and how it’s possible to make an appointment. Medical centre websites may also include:

Background and history about the centre – Biographical information about the staff – Links to papers and research published by staff – News and blog information for patients – General contact information

Examples of our work

Medical website design  |  Copywriting  |  Branding  |  Photography  |   Video production  |   SEO   |  Social Media Management   |  Marketing

Private GP Practice - Chelsea Medics

Private Medical Clinic:
Chelsea Medics

Olaya Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery London and Newcastle

Plastic Surgery:
Olaya Plastic Surgery

Consultant Physician:
Dr Stephanie Barrett

Plastic Surgery Website Design and Marketing

Plastic Surgeon:
Mr Irfan Khan

Dr David Begley

Cardiac Rhythm Management:
Dr David Begley

Inspiring Women In Medicine

Networking for Doctors:
Inspiring Women in Medicine

Consultant Gynaecologist - Vivek Nama

Consultant Gynaecologist:
Vivek Nama

Consultant Gynaecologist - Mr Philippe de Rosnay

Consultant Gynaecologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon
Mr Philippe de Rosnay

Dr Dominic Paviour - Consultant Neurologist

Consultant Neurologist:
Dr Dominic Paviour

Dr. Victoria Owen is a private general practitioner

Private General Practitioner:
Dr Victoria Owen

Physis Therapies - Harley Street London

Therapies in Harley Street:
Physis Therapies

British Association for Sexual Health & HIV

Online Assessment:
British Association for Sexual Health & HIV (BASHH)

Non-surgical Treatments:
FK London

Dr Natasha Bijlani

Private Consultant Psychiatrist:
Dr Natasha Bijlani

Paul Barrett Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy:
Paul Barrett

Counselling London - Peter Thomas

Counselling & Psychotherapy:
Counselling London

What makes a good Medical Centre Website?

Good website design for a medical centre or similar service will focus on getting that key information across quickly.

Your medical centre needs to make a good first impression online and a website which is clean, simple and easy to navigate is the best place to begin. People use the internet to find out about everything, unfortunately even medical situations, so properly designed and informed medical sources are a necessity. If you are hoping to attract more patients with issues related to your specialism or in your local area, you should ensure your website is designed by professionals.

Quality Medical Centre Website Design

A website design for medical centre need to be professional and have clarity at the heart of the design.

Visitors should be able to immediately find the information they need and they should be able to access the same information whether on a smartphone, tablet or a desktop PC.  A professional medical website designer will be able to create a design reflective of your medical centre. You can provide them with the elements that define and make your medical centre stand out and make them part of the design. Quality web design for medical centre providers will ensure that potential patients and other visitors have all the information they could need quickly and concisely.

A good website designer will also ensure that your website is easy to manage and administrate. You should have a back-end setup which you can easily login to and make edits and changes to content if you choose to. You may want to add your own blog posts or news updates and you can simply ask your design to make sure this facility is available.

Images from our medical photoshoots

We offer a bespoke photoshoot service where we come to your clinic or practice.

If required, we also supply models, hair and makeup and a location finding service.

Video Shoot Examples

Our video shoots can take place at your clinic or practice.

We offer scriptwriting, editing, graphic animation, music, voice overs, presenters, autocue, sound engineers, hair and makeup etc.

Promotional Video
Promotional Video
Promote your company
Welcome Video
Welcome Video
Medical Consultant
Interview with Q&A

Website Design for Medical Centre with The Web Surgery

Choose The Web Surgery for your medical centre web design.

We have worked with a wide range of medical professionals, including clinics and practices, and we have developed a strong understanding of what works for medical sites. We can take your ideas and transform them into a user-friendly, clean and easy to navigate website for your medical centre.