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SEO Agency Based In Lancashire

The Web Surgery is a full-service digital marketing agency providing a wide range of services including SEO to businesses across Lancashire.

Businesses based in Lancashire need to be found online and our SEO services ensure the best possible chance of reaching the desired search engine positions for your chosen keywords.  General marketing services can incorporate SEO, but we specialise in ensuring SEO is built into all aspects of our work, including web design. Our SEO expertise can help establish your Lancashire business online and ensure it is found for the right reasons. Local SEO has become a key factor in promoting businesses which are active in their specific region.

Does My Business In Lancashire Need SEO?

SEO is an effective way of helping your business be found online. In a world where people “google” for things before they ask their friends and neighbours, it is important your business can be found when these searches take place.

Not being visible on search engines makes your business much less attractive and trustworthy for some customers. The modern customer wants to be able to check out your online profile, see if you’re active on social media and look for reviews and opinions on your service.

How we can help with your SEO in Lancashire

At The Web Surgery SEO is built-into all aspects of our full design and marketing agency services.

We ensure you have the following (as a minimum) to improve your chances of being found online:

  • An SEO-friendly and well-optimised website design
  • A wide range of keyword-optimised pages and regularly updated quality content to boost your SEO
  • Optimised title tags and meta descriptions focused on your business keywords
  • Optimised imagery, photographs and videos
  • In-depth keyword research to ensure you are focusing in the right areas for your business
  • Local SEO where relevant

Local SEO and your Lancashire Business

Local SEO is essential if your business operates in a particular area. Lancashire business owners targeting the local market will want to have their local SEO as a key focus.

We look closely at your local keywords to ensure a niche fit and other elements such as your Google My Business page can be looked at in-depth and further optimised.

Our SEO packages suit different monthly budgets


£ 199

Per Month
  • 2 focus keywords
  • 1 blog written and uploaded
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • On and Off-Site optimisation



£ 299

Per Month
  • 5 focus keywords
  • 2 blogs written & uploaded
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • On and Off-Site optimisation
  • Monthly report


MediumMost Popular

£ 399

Per Month
  • 10 focus keywords
  • 3 blogs written & uploaded
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • On and Off-Site optimisation
  • Monthly report
  • Link building



£ 499

Per Month
  • 15 focus keywords
  • 4 blogs written & uploaded
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • On and Off-Site optimisation
  • Monthly report
  • Link building
  • Location search optimisation



£ 999

Per Month
  • 30 focus keywords
  • 10 blogs written & uploaded
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • On and Off-Site optimisation
  • Monthly report
  • Link building
  • Location search optimisation
  • SEO content creation


Terms: 3 months minimum with 30 day notice period

Digital Marketing

Effective SEO isn’t a one-off quick fix – It requires ongoing attention.

SEO is just one part of Digital Marketing and this can be developed into other areas to target new and existing customers.


Pay Per Click with major search engines

Social Media

Social Media Management (SMM) and Advertising


Create, distribute and share content


Brand video, interviews or explainer videos


Write and distribute Press Releases


Promote products or services on websites


For online and offline adverts and special offers


Designed and distributed to database


Design a digital or print magazine


Reconnect with your customers


Design communication messages and touchpoints


Monthly report on your SEO or traffic levels

You are not committed to any contracts and can start and stop at any point – we just need one month’s notice.

Examples of our work

Below can be found some examples of our creative, digital and marketing work

Skincare Treatments - FK London

Non-surgical Skincare:
FK London

Property Developers - Westongate

Luxury Property Developer:

TV Production Company - Over The Top Pictures

TV Production Company:
Over The Top Pictures

Private Healthcare Clinic:

Podcast Series - Who Dares Leads

Podcast Series:
Who Dares Leads

Innova Laser Skin & Cryosthetic Clinic

Laser Skin Clinic:

Carpe Design Manufacture

Innovation Agency:
Carpe Design Manufacture

Prestige Private Health - Private GP Clinic

Private Clinic:
Prestige Private Health

Mr Vimoshan Arumuham

Private Consultant Urologist:
Mr Vimoshan Arumuham

Hair Loss Clinic in London - Hair Loss London

Hair Loss Clinic:
Hair Loss London

Private GP Clinic - Chelmsford Private GPs

Private GP Clinic:
Chelmsford Private GPs

Premier League Medical Advisor

Premier League Medical Advisor:
Dr Mark Gillett


5 Star Rating

SEO Agency Based In Lancashire

At The Web Surgery we work with a wide range of businesses across the Lancashire area.

Our digital marketing services are far reaching, and they incorporate SEO as a standard as most of our packages. Every stage of our design, development and marketing process has SEO in mind and we work to ensure your business is best positioned to be found locally and further afield, if relevant to your business. Contact us today to discuss your business’ SEO needs and find out more about what we can offer.