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Bringing brands to life online

At The Web Surgery we help bring brands to life using a mix of strategic vision and design. We create brands that inspire people; they command attention and generate a loyal following.  We cover all grounds, from:

  • Visual identity
  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Rebranding

Logo design

A logo is a natural starting point and often helps to set the tone to which your brand can grow from organically.

We can design and develop a high quality logo to parallel the excellence of your company and help you to stand out from your competitors. Our team of experts will work with your specifications to deliver a selection of high quality designs to meet your requirements.


Once we’ve developed the right logo for you we can develop your brand further.

We can create a unique look and feel just for your business that translates across many different marketing platforms such as:

  • Digital advertising including banners, buttons, skyscrapers, Google Adwords
  • Advertising in print, tv and radio
  • Point Of Sale (POS)
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Outdoor posters
  • Sponsorship
  • Trade advertising
  • Direct marketing
  • Stationary
  • Business Cards

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