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Doctify is a global Healthcare feedback service looking to transform the way providers collect and analyse feedback. Their digital feedback system enables higher volumes of data to be collected on a consistent basis and in live time.

Doctify works with 30,000 providers across the globe and in 2021 their data has helped more than 17 million patients and families make more informed decisions.

Their goal is to ensure every provider can collect feedback easily in a way that showcases the great care they provide in a fair, trusted, and representative manner. We have partnered with Doctify to help automate the collection of reviews which will reduce your workload and help to bring more trust and transparency to the sector.
The Web Surgery has secured a special discount price for all our clients and we support Doctify in their mission to make sure no patient is left unheard.

Feel free to reach out to a member of the Doctify team, here –