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Infectiously catchy pop collective, The Urban State, are ready to fill the dance floor once again, with yet another great offering from their latest album, Introducing Angela.

“Now That You’re Gone” is the second release from the album, and is in keeping with their unique and eclectic sound. Pop beats marry perfectly with soaring vocals, giving the listener all of the feels, all of the time.

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Full of funky beats, blaring horns and soulful breaks, “Now That You’re Gone” may tell a woeful tale of missing someone, but the track is anything but down beat.

An ebullient out pouring of emotion, “Now That You’re Gone” has a retro feel, that delivers driving beats with enthusiastic vocals. No time to wallow in the sorrow of a missing lover, the track makes a break-up feel like the funkiest thing to have ever happened.

Our protagonist, in this case singer Angela, tells the tale of a lover filled with regret, sitting alone and crying, but as a listener you definitely won’t be feeling woeful. As the first track on their new album, “Now That You’re Gone” envelops you in the soul and sound of the collective, and promises good things to come.

Being a successful electronic pop and disco collective, The Urban State pulls together the very best of pop, funk, soul and disco to continually produce, toe-tapping upbeat numbers that will have you singing along in no time.

From the opening beats, down to the jaunty vocals, “Now That You’re Gone” uses the awesome power of electro-pop to punctuate existential woes. Join The Urban State on a journey through the tumult of human emotions, using bright beats, quick tempos, and lyrical vulnerability to make even the darkest days seem like the perfect time to strut your funkiest stuff.

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Now That You’re Gone is released on 27th October 2017 and is available to download on iTunes – Listen Here.

The Urban State

To find out more about The Urban State and to sample some of their music, visit them at