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‘Party People’ is the second single to be released by electronic/pop collective The Urban State, taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Love On Loop’.

Available for download from 25 October, ‘Party People’, is a big smiley pop/dance track that will challenge even the most dance-shy not to brave the dance floor. The feel-good track is a creative coalition between The Urban State’s founders, R-Jay on vocals, all mixed by Mixmaster Matt to create a Party People sound that’ll keep them coming back for more.

Quirky, fun and highly original, the new track not only sounds like a helluva party but you can watch the video on so make sure you check out –
The Urban State will be releasing their album ‘Love On Loop’ shortly so keep tuned into for the latest information on the band and the new album.

The Urban State is the brainchild of R-Jay, an East London based songwriter who set out to bring together a collective of singers, songwriters and artists to create music & art that showcased the talents of all those involved and give air to their creativity in an environment where everyone has a voice.

To find out more about The Urban State’s ‘Party People’ please go to any of the following:

Or for further information and details about their availability for live gigs, contact:
On The Playlist
0208 487 1954