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Where ideas come to life – using technology and content

In The Lab you will be able to find a range of ideas to help create your ideal website.  We bring brands to life using a mix of strategic vision and design.

Our team of experts will work with your specifications to deliver high quality work to meet your requirements.  A website needs to be updated and maintained on a regular basis in order to help drive the most traffic to your website.  We offer a wide range of content creation packages such as:

Copywriting, photography, video, audio, social media updates.

Bringing ideas to life

Front page image slider

Bring your front page alive with a moving image slider with the ability for each image to click to a particular page.


Welcome to The Lab

You can add information here about your product or service


We Design Responsive Websites

We design and build websites that work on desktops, tablets and mobiles


Bringing websites alive

We help you to bring your website alive using a wide range of functionalities from photography, video and audio to forums and social media live feeds



Having a video created can bring your product or service alive.  It can be used in a variety of ways such as: product launches, music videos, showreels, events, eLearning, training, instructional or explainer videos.

The Web Surgery
The Web Surgery
The Web Surgery is an award-winning integrated communications agency that specialises in strategy, marketing, branding, web design and apps.
The Urban State - Don't Say A Word
The Urban State - Don't Say A Word
The Urban State - NEW SINGLE "PARTY PEOPLE" COMING END AUGUST & ALBUM END SEPTEMBER! The Urban State is the brainchild of R.Jay, an East London-based songwriter has brought together a collective of performers and artists to create music and art that celebrate the power of many, showcasing and challenging the talents of all involved. Track: Don't Say A Word Album: Love On Loop Band: The Urban State
Tilly Blackwood's Showreel
Tilly Blackwood's Showreel
Showreel for the actress Tilly Blackwood
The Urban State- Party People
The Urban State- Party People
The brand new single from The Urban State is available to buy Monday 10 September on itunes. Check us out at Debut album Love On Loop released end September.

Audio Creation

We can help create audio and then add it to your website and social media.

Live social media feeds

We can add live social media feeds to your website or event to interact with people.

Image Gallery

Bring your website alive with a gallery of images that can be viewed on desktops, tablets and mobiles. The gallery is created in a way to engage with the user.

In addition to this, if you’re looking for your own photographs to be taken we can help and provide on and offsite photographers who can carry out photo shoot tailored to your needs.

Interactive magazine

Bring your brochure, magazine or document alive online.

Moving images

Bring logos alive with a scrolling image bar.

QR Codes

We can make QR codes to be used to direct people to your website or social media account.

The Web Surgery

Contact Forms

Contact forms are a great way to get a message direct to the department or person you want to contact.




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    Latest News / Blog

    Adding a blog to your website will help to engage with your audience and increase the traffic with SEO.

    Medical Website Design - Dr Rehan Haidry

    Medical Website Design for Consultant Gastroenterologist

    By Bespoke Website Design, Medical Marketing, Medical SEO, Medical Video Production, Medical Web Design, Medical Website Design, Medical Website Designer, SEO, Web Design UK

    Dr. Rehan Haidry is a Consultant Gastroenterologist and Interventional Endoscopist at University College Hospital, London and Cleveland Clinic London.


    We designed and built a bespoke website for Dr. Rehan Haidry that works on desktops, mobiles and tablets.  The website allows patients to view the wide range of treatments available and to register online to make appointments.

    Website Address


    • Website design and build
    • Responsive for desktops, mobiles and tablets
    • Branding
    • Online registration and appointments
    • Specialist services
    • Medical Copywriting
    • Marketing
    • SEO

    Would you like to have a new website built or have one updated?

    Then get in touch with The Web Surgery today and see how we can help – contact us here.

    Moving Graphics

    Make website pages come alive with moving graphics.

    Happy clients

    Social media buttons

    Allow users to share your website pages with their social media accounts.


    Add a map to your website for people to locate your office.


    Add tabs to a page to split content up.

    Welcome to The Web Surgery.

    The Web Surgery is an award-winning integrated marketing agency that specialises in marketing, branding, web design and apps.

    You can add text, images, video and audio.

    Pricing Packages

    Display pricing packages and allow customers to buy products or services online.

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    £ 100

    Per Month

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    £ 300

    Per Month


    Bring your portfolio of work to life with a display of your work.

    Roan Records - Record Shop

    Retail Store:
    Roan Records

    Skincare Treatments - FK London

    Non-surgical Skincare:
    FK London

    Mr Darren Chester - Plastic Surgeon

    Plastic Surgeon:
    Mr Darren Chesterhedge

    The Nowt Poncy Food Company

    Food Manufacturer:
    Nowt Poncy Food Company

    King Edward VII Hospital - Private General and Occupational Practice

    Private Practice Harley Street:
    GP At London W1

    Premier League Medical Advisor

    Premier League Medical Advisor:
    Dr Mark Gillett

    TV Production Company - Over The Top Pictures

    TV Production Company:
    Over The Top Pictures

    Fitness Programme - Urban Self Defence

    Digital Fitness Programme:
    Urban Self Defence

    Retail Store:</br>Roan Records

    Retail Store:
    Roan Records

    Non-surgical Skincare:</br>FK London

    Non-surgical Skincare:
    FK London

    Plastic Surgeon:</br>Mr Darren Chesterhedge

    Plastic Surgeon:
    Mr Darren Chesterhedge

    Food Manufacturer:</br>Nowt Poncy Food Company

    Food Manufacturer:
    Nowt Poncy Food Company

    Private Practice Harley Street:</br>GP At London W1

    Private Practice Harley Street:
    GP At London W1

    Premier League Medical Advisor:</br>Dr Mark Gillett

    Premier League Medical Advisor:
    Dr Mark Gillett

    TV Production Company:</br>Over The Top Pictures

    TV Production Company:
    Over The Top Pictures

    Digital Fitness Programme:</br>Urban Self Defence

    Digital Fitness Programme:
    Urban Self Defence

    Private Online GP Service:</br>Family First Healthcare

    Private Online GP Service:
    Family First Healthcare

    Mobile Location Data:</br>Pnacle

    Mobile Location Data:

    Consultant Gastroenterologist:</br>Dr Rehan Haidry

    Consultant Gastroenterologist:
    Dr Rehan Haidry

    Skincare Products:</br>Natural Complexions

    Skincare Products:
    Natural Complexions

    Private Medical Clinic:</br>London Hip Practice

    Private Medical Clinic:
    London Hip Practice

    Private Medical Clinic:</br>Chelsea Medics

    Private Medical Clinic:
    Chelsea Medics

    Non-surgical Technology:</br>EpiNu Aesthetics

    Non-surgical Technology:
    EpiNu Aesthetics

    Foot Clinic:</br>Finchley Foot Clinic

    Foot Clinic:
    Finchley Foot Clinic

    Non-surgical Skincare:</br>The Picton House Clinic

    Non-surgical Skincare:
    The Picton House Clinic

    Insurance:</br>Just Quote Me

    Just Quote Me

    Solicitors:</br>Lewis Mitchell Solicitors

    Lewis Mitchell Solicitors

    Consultant Cardiologist:</br>Herts-London Cardiology

    Consultant Cardiologist:
    Herts-London Cardiology

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    Ecommerce Websites
    E-Learning Systems & Courses
    Social Media
    Video Production