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August 2022
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We’ve really enjoyed working with The Web Surgery on this crucial project for our business.  We took our time and conducted lots of research before selecting The Web Surgery and we’re delighted to report that it really does pay off to spend time making sure there is a “meeting of minds” with regard to web-site design and functionality. We are not easy to please but The Web Surgery have been incredibly patient with us as we slowly but surely got closer to the style and feel we we looking for. There was no sense of any frustration as we rejected lots of ideas, in fact the opposite was true. They took time and care to help us transform our dream web-site into reality, not just how it looks but how it works and what is capable of delivering to us both now and in the future.  We now understand that infrastructure and underpinning technicality is as important, if not more so that what is seen on the surface. We’ve also been educated away from templates and damaging techniques often applied to generating SEO, leaving us with great confidence in our new web-site as it stands, and in the support we can expect from The Web Surgery to maximise it as we go forward.  I have absolutely no reluctance in recommending Grant and his team – safe, knowledgeable and reliable hands indeed!