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what an ecommerce website needs

Tips for Better eCommerce Web Design

By The Web Surgery, Web Design, Web Design Hammersmith, Web Design London, Website Design Business

eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce web design is a very specific niche which requires specialist knowledge. The evolving state of the web means you need to shout to stand out and though there will always be stiff competition with an effective and well thought out design, backed up by a strong marketing strategy, should see you on your way to success.

Perhaps more so than any other business, an eCommerce website has to work. It has to be effective and offer a quality user experience that allows customers to browse and buy with ease. Many eCommerce websites tick all the boxes when it comes to their look and feel but the customer experience and engagement levels are through the floor, highlighting that web design is about more than graphics and templates. Below are some tips which are essential in delivering effective eCommerce websites.

Design that supports Engagement

Your eCommerce website doesn’t need to be a feat of graphic design, of course quality imagery helps, but more than anything else it needs to engage. Keep your target customer in your mind at all times when discussing your design plans and think about what they need and what will draw them in. Engagement is key in eCommerce design and the main purpose of your website is simply to turn prospective sales into actual transactions without any frustration or effort needed on the part of the customer. Customers need to be able to browse your products with ease, share them on social media and understand exactly how they work. Your product gallery needs to be as easy to navigate as possible and though colour and style matters, you need to look more in depth than that. Analytics are key to getting engagement right, looking closely at drop off rates and the pages that aren’t performing so your sites can be tuned even more closely.

Effective Mobile Strategy

It’s no longer news that the world is driven by mobile web access although to look at some of the big branded sites out there you’d be surprised. A study carried out by the Interactive Advertising Bureau in 2013 found that only 11% of the highest spending advertisers’ had responsive websites for use on tablets and mobiles and though we reckon this has probably changed now, it does highlight how important responsiveness is. In 2013 again Monetate found that more than 10% of all eCommerce traffic came from tablets and conversions were also higher from this type of device. Your eCommerce website simply has to be responsive to ensure your potential customer’s experience is of high quality across the board.

Guide your Customers to Buy

A good eCommerce website will drive your customers to purchase. The design of the site will lead them to add things to their basket, direct them towards offers and show them the most important features of your site. Every element of your website needs to be considered with your target customer in mind – keep it simple and you’ll soon see results. There’s nothing wrong with a strong visual brand but it needs to have a technically effective website behind it.

A professionally designed eCommerce website sets your business up for a good start and allows you to wow your customers and converting these good impressions into sales.

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