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Why Do I Need a Web Designer?

By The Web Surgery, Web Design, Web Design Hammersmith, Web Design London

With the many costs you face when starting up a new business, you might think web design is one of the areas you can make a saving. This blog post looks at the many benefits of choosing to work with a professional web designer and how you and your business will be in a much better position if you hire one. First impressions really do count and your website is like the shop window for your business, it needs to draw people in.

Below is a closer look at some of the key reasons you really do need a web designer.

The Professional Touch

Hiring a professional web designer means you are committed to presenting a professional image. More than that, the right professional will not only have a talent for design, they’ll also have the expertise they need to create the right image for business and industry. With clear correspondence between you and your designer you will have a site which pleases your customers and works effectively.

Save Time

Employing a professional web designer leaves you with more time to dedicate to your core business interests. Trying to put the design together yourself may take a lot longer than you’ve planned and you may find yourself settling for things that aren’t exactly what you wanted. A professional web designer will know there way around a wide range of different technical skills and languages including HTML, CSS photo optimisation, SEO and JavaScript.

Stand Out

As a non-professional, how are you going to make your website stand out from the crowd? Yes, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of fantastic templates out there, many of the customisable, but the degree to which you can customise them is dependent on your skill. Having a website which looks the same as hundreds of others out there means you’re unlikely to be remembered. A professional web designer will help craft your brand identity and give you a web presence which is unique and represents your business perfectly, helping it stand out from your competition.

In-Built SEO

To be found by all those potential customers you’re dreaming about, you need to be found in search engines. To be found in search engines you need to rank highly for the keywords most relevant to your business and whilst a lot of this is dependent upon the content you provide, but design plays a part too. A professional web designer will build your site in a way that makes it easy to read and rank for search engines. It’s effective and it follows legal protocol and without a web designer it would probably go by the wayside.

Be Responsive

Browser incompatibility and websites simply not working on tablets and smart phones can be a serious issue for your business. You’re losing out on a huge chunk of the market. A professional web designer will test their design for your site and design it to be responsive, so it works with a wide range of different devices, including those with small screens, wide screens and any shape of screen you can imagine. You are ensuring your business is open to the widest number of people if you opt for a responsive design.

Above all else, you will soon realise the capital you invest in a good web designer is a positive move for your business. In the long run you will soon reap the benefits of your investment and it gives you the shop window your business deserves.

If you would like to find out more or have any questions then please contact us.

Web Design London

By Web Design

The Web Surgery are a web design agency based in London. We provide web designs for a wide range of clients based all over the UK.

The Web Surgery provides you with everything you need to get up and running on the web with ease and we create websites for established businesses and new start ups. All our websites are compatible with the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

We are results-focused in every aspect of our work and take pride in ours and our clients reputation by providing the best service and website designs that will help your business succeed. We use a selection of software packages including the industry standard ones to create your website.

Our backgrounds are in the IT, Media, Publishing and the Entertainment arena’s where over the past 10 years many a successful website has been built in the business to business market and consumer focused world.

In addition to this we offer fully integrated marketing services to get your website noticed using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and other targeted online marketing methods.

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Marketing Your Website

By Web Design, Web Design Richmond, Web Design UK

The Web Surgery is a web design agency that not only creates websites but helps you to drive traffic to your website through a number of marketing techniques.

The Web Surgery makes big ideas happen, building brands from product creation and design to launch. We build brands, drive sales and win clients business by developing more organised marketing efforts with strategically influenced campaigns to create brands that people will go that extra mile for.

We can help you identify which customers to target your products or services at and keep existing customers loyal to your brand, create a believable brand experience and positively impact the bottom line. We plan and deliver tactical solutions utilizing every aspect of the marketing mix, delivering marketing strategies that communicate with audiences.

We work across all areas from naming, visual identity, rebranding and brand strategy. From one off projects to large national above the line campaigns using Online, Print, Radio and TV.

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By Web Design Richmond, Web Design UK

The Web Surgery

The Web Surgery is an independent web design company that specialises in the design and creation of websites for clients throughout the UK.  Our team of designers and online marketing experts are on hand to help you achieve the results you are looking for in web design.

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