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Why You Need Good Web Design and Marketing

By The Web Surgery, Web Design London, Website Design Business

The Importance of Good Web Design and Marketing

When launching a new company, website or brand, you need to fire from two barrels. A good web design is one thing, a good marketing campaign is another but without both working closely together, you are unlikely to have any success.

If your website design is not focused on converting customers then the traffic that arrives at your website, if there is any, will not deliver any return on investment. Your design and marketing strategies should be interlinked, designed in tandem and be a solid partnership for both bringing in potential customers to your site and keeping them engaged when they get there.

Bad Design = Boost in Bounce Rate

At The Web Surgery we analyse websites every single day and find many have increased bounce rates as people land on the site. The bounce rate is calculated by working out how long users spend on a website once clicking onto it and high bounce rates signal people simply don’t like what they see when they land on a site. There are many reasons for this, it could be simply personal preference, a clashing colour scheme or a website that simply isn’t user friendly. A well-designed website will be very easy for potential customers to navigate, on first click they’ll be able to find what they’re looking for and in many instances, they’ll keep things simple. Take a look at websites like Apple, Selfridges, Mini and Sony, they let their service and products do the talking without an intricate and complicated design.

A knock on effect of a website that customers simply don’t connect with is a lack of engagement. If potential customers simply click off then they’re not engaging and they’re certainly not sharing. Your website is your window and much like anything else that people invest their time and energy in, they want it to look good. A good design instils trust in your company and it keeps people engaged, as well as encouraging them to come back time and again.

Digital Marketing Matters

So, your website is great, it’s user-friendly and customers are engaging and more importantly, buying from you. Do they come back for more? Do you have an influx of new customers on a regular basis? A great website is one thing but if you don’t promote it effectively and keep it fresh and exciting the initial interest will soon tail off.

Your digital marketing strategy needs to be rock solid, it needs to evolve with changes to social media and the ways we access the web and it needs to engage with your target customer in every possible way. Your digital marketing campaign should be structured and include both regular and mobile elements, it should take into account social media, fresh updated content, email subscription services and more. Dependent on your business you should consider each of these steps in turn and see how they can be implemented and work for your company.

Good web design and good marketing should work together to keep potential customers engaging and sharing your content, interested in your products or services and ensure your business succeeds.

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