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storyline the soap

Strategy helps to secure funding for Storyline the soap

By Marketing, The Web Surgery, Web Design London, Website Design Business

The Web Surgery has helped to create the funding strategy for a new online TV soap series, Storyline, through a successful crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign, which originally aimed to generate £10,000, has raised £11,527 with the help of 225 funders.

Written by Neil Anthony Docking (Emmerdale, Casualty) and directed by Maxine Evans (Coronation Street, Crossroads), Storyline will be a YouTube comedy set behind the scenes of a fictional TV soap series. Actors include:

  • Cameron Blakely
  • Deddie Davies
  • Jane Gurnett
  • Jo Matthews
  • John Weldon
  • Lewes Roberts
  • Mark Homer
  • Mary Healey
  • Morgan Deare
  • Ray Emmet Brown
  • Ruth Minkley
  • Steve Speirs
  • Terri Dwyer
  • Tilly Blackwood

If you need help to fund your project or you’re interested in your own crowdfunding campaign, please get in touch for some free advice.