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What are responsive websites?

By The Web Surgery, Web Design, Web Design London, Web Design Solihull, Website Design Business

In 2014, a website that isn’t responsive is unlikely to be anywhere as near as effective as you’d hope. Responsive design has become essential as experts are suggesting that by 2017, 90% of internet users will be accessing the web via their phones. Your design needs to be responsive if you want to access these potential customers you need to ensure your website is responsive and here we’re looking at what this means and why you need it.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is simply a website which responds to the device in which it is loaded. This can mean that the design includes a wide range of different graphic sizes and styles so it can load effectively onto devices with different screen sizes including mobile phones and tablets. Responsive design allows your website to be easily accessible to almost anyone.

Here is a closer look at some of the key reasons your website needs to be responsively designed.

1. Mobile Use is everywhere

As mentioned above, mobile web access is increasing at a rate far faster than almost any other kind. Statistics from Smart Insights show that over 20% of Google searches are performed on mobile devices and 25% of users in the US only access the internet via their mobile phone and no other means. More and more people are exclusively using their mobile phones and tablets to do business, make purchases and even arrange business services, so you need your website to be accessible and user friendly through all methods.

2. Boost your User Experience

You need to make a good impression immediately. People aren’t going to stick around on your website if it doesn’t load quickly enough or doesn’t load properly. Google research has shown that users who are frustrated when trying to load a website have a high chance of simply clicking off. Up to 61% of all users will go immediately to another website, usually a competitor’s. Having a properly responsive website in place should ensure a positive experience all around, with Google’s statistics suggesting that a positive mobile experience can be the driving force behind them using a service or making a purchase.

3. SEO Friendly

Responsive design is Google’s best friend and this is true for many other search engines as well. When Google came out and announced that they preferred responsive websites and would rank them more positively in their search engine pages, other search engines followed suit. A single URL to provide both mobile and regular access to your site is easier for bots to crawl and therefore they tend to perform better in terms of SERPs.

4. Ready for the Future

The most beneficial thing about responsive design is that you’re primed for the future. Simply the word responsive tells you all you need to know and as new devices are launched, a responsive design should be ready to work effectively without the need for any chances. Responsive design templates are designed based on screen size, not model or device type, which means whatever device is being used, your website will resize itself effectively.

The advent of people using internet on their TVs and even Google Glass means that your website, if designed responsively, will be easily accessible and if not, will once again not be accessed by this new class of potential customer.

When choosing a professional web designer, opting for one who commits to offering you a responsive result is a must. In the current climate and with more and more people relying on their mobile devices for internet access, your website simply needs to be responsive.

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