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Linkedin Advertising in Healthcare

By Content Creation, Marketing, Medical Marketing, Medical SEO, Social Media Management

How to get the most from Healthcare LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn’s own research shows there are over 8.6million healthcare practitioners on their platform. LinkedIn is the platform where healthcare experts, professionals, and influencers gather and engage over valuable content. LinkedIn could be an invaluable tool for your healthcare business and here we’re exploring how to get the most from LinkedIn advertising.

LinkedIn is not only useful for job hunting, but it can also be a powerful networking tool to help you stay active within your industry. You want to be recognised for your achievements in your field, your research, and your commitment to development. Millions of professionals already recognise the power of healthcare LinkedIn advertising, but what can it do for you?

Better than your CV

LinkedIn used to be seen as a kind of online CV. While you do incorporate elements of your CV, it has become much more than that. Your profile can be developed and personalised to showcase your success and promote your healthcare business. You can combine who you are as a professional and a person in a single platform where your brand is of key importance. Fully optimising your LinkedIn profile allows you to reap the rewards.

Increase you Visibility

A complete LinkedIn profile for yourself and your business increases your marketability and will even increase your chance of being found by potential business partners and valuable contacts. While employment isn’t a focus, you will be seen by recruiters, too, and you may be able to use this to your advantage when looking for employees in your practice or healthcare business.

Being active on LinkedIn is crucial to increasing your visibility. A well-written LinkedIn profile can also attract the attention of potential patients and those you already treat. It is natural to check out the professional credentials of a private doctor or clinician and a complete LinkedIn profile helps establish trust.

Enhance your Research

LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with relevant people and organisations in your field. You can follow other healthcare organisations and enhance your research and understanding of other facilities practices. It can be great for competitor research but also for finding out how people are innovating and what you can learn from this. You can also ensure you are updated with industry developments and trending topics.

Connect with your Peers

LinkedIn is also a valuable networking tool for connecting with professionals in the same line of work or field of healthcare.  For example, there are many dedicated healthcare groups on LinkedIn that you can join to become active in.  These groups are the ideal place to share your expertise, read other people’s thoughts, and connect with people that you find insightful. 

LinkedIn Advertising for Healthcare with The Web Surgery

At The Web Surgery, we have specialist social media experts. This includes those who specialise in LinkedIn. This pairs up perfectly with our extensive healthcare expertise. For help with your healthcare LinkedIn advertising, simply get in touch.


Social Media Management Agency UK

By Social Media Management

Social Media Management for your business

At The Web Surgery, we look after your social media for you!

Our Social Media Management packages suit different monthly budgets

Social media is an unavoidable element of modern society. It is also a potential goldmine for your business.  It provides a direct line to your target customer and the chance to wow them, engage with them and get them interested in your brand before they even click on your website.  Social media is also beginning to have an impact on search, so no savvy business can afford to be without a social media presence, across the relevant channels.

How we can help with your Social Media

At The Web Surgery our digital marketing specialists are also well-versed and highly experienced in social media management and marketing.

The sheer number of channels can be overwhelming for a new business and even more so if you’re an existing business and you need to incorporate all these new elements into your business. We can help with auditing, organising, setting up and scheduling your social media so you don’t have to worry about it, but can reap the rewards.

Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management covers:

Social Media Consultancy  |  Social Media Setup  |  Social Media Management  |  Social Media Marketing  |  Social Media Content Writing  |  Social Media Optimisation  |  Social Media Training

Setting Up and auditing your Social Media

If your business doesn’t have a social media presence, then The Web Surgery team can discuss the options with you.

You may want to go for just the “main” channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or you may benefit from more niche channels too. We can help you decide where to begin.

If you are already active on social media or have some activity across some channels we can audit this and look at how to optimise your performance and get the most out of your posts. If you are not producing regular content then we can help with that too, ensuring you always have something fresh to share with your audience.

Contact us for help with Social Media Management

Contact The Web Surgery today to see how we can help with your Social Media Management.

LinkedIn for Business – how it can help your business

By Marketing, The Web Surgery, Web Design, Web Design Hammersmith, Web Design London, Web Design Richmond, Web Design Solihull, Web Design UK

Linkedin for businessLinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is a valuable online tool to find key decision makers within certain companies. It’s used for finding the best point of contact, gaining familiarity with their background before a call or sales pitch and a lot more. Find out how it can be used to help your business.

Course overview:

  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Company Policies Relating to LinkedIn
  • How LinkedIn Works
  • Setting up your LinkedIn Profile

Cost of course: £90

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