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Independence Pictures launch campaign for new soap – STORYLINE

By The Web Surgery, Web Design, Website Design Business

Independence Pictures have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for a new soap called STORYLINE.




STORYLINE will be a new soap that is fast-paced, with quick-fire comedy and dramatic twists.  The soap is written by Neil Anthony Docking (Emmerdale, Casualty) and directed by Maxine Evans (Coronation Street, Crossroads).

“There are some real home truths in it.” – Mark Homer (Eastenders)

Independence Pictures wants to make 3 episodes and broadcast them for free across the internet with each episode being around 15-18 minutes long and feature the international cast of Jane Gurnett, Terri Dwyer, Mark Homer, Steve Speirs, Jo Matthews, Deddie Davies, Mary Healey, Morgan Deare, Cameron Blakely, Tilly Blackwood, Ruth Minkley, Ray Emmet Brown, Lewes Roberts and John Weldon.

“Who are these people and what are they doing in my house!?” – Neil Anthony Docking (Writer).

STORYLINE takes you behind the scenes of a soap, showing you what actors, producers and storyliners say about each other!

“It’s like Fawlty Towers meets 30 Rock meets Family Guy meets Birdman meets The Office meets Silence of the Lambs!” – Maxine Evans (Director).

You can support this exciting new soap comedy from £10 but you can also audition for a support role in the show or sing as a guest vocalist on the theme song or get a featured walk-on part.

Comedy is a serious business. It is. Seriously…

Support STORYLINE by going to their Kickstarter campaign



Kickstarter details can be found at:

Links to Storyline

For further details contact:

Grant Brookes | Associate Producer
Independence Pictures
T: 020 8144 6540
M: 07771 664 516