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Patient Acquisition Marketing

Competition in the healthcare world is increasing year on year as services improve and more practitioners look to work in the private sector. Healthcare practices need dedicated patient acquisition strategies to ensure a steady flow of patients all recognising and benefiting from the quality of service you offer. The Web Surgery works with a wide range of healthcare companies and practitioners, offering unique and tailored patient acquisition marketing strategies.

Patient acquisition and patient retention marketing requires a number of key elements and The Web Surgery’s experienced team work tirelessly to ensure all of our clients benefit from the highest quality of service.

Below is a closer look at the core elements of patient acquisition marketing and how important it is for your business’ growth.

Tailored Digital Strategy

Patients looking for healthcare services or a new private doctor will first turn to the internet, and you need your business to be found. This requires a personalised and tailored digital strategy, ensuring your business can be found in a number of places with ease. Our strategies ensure your healthcare business has a presence wherever your potential patients may be looking, whether that’s social media, a search engine or a dedicated review service. Our omnichannel focus ensures you attract patients across all platforms.

Local SEO for High-Value Leads

Local SEO is particularly important for face-to-face business as you want to attract local patients who can access your services. Our quality local SEO strategy helps to cement your business’ position in the search engine rankings and builds organically to help ensure when people look for a local healthcare practitioner in your field, your website appears near the top.

Wow Patients with Great Web Design

Your website is extremely important when acquiring patients. It should be content-rich, beautifully designed and tailored to the needs of your patients. Your content should be well written, laid out logically and designed in a way which gives your patients all the information they need to make an informed decision about using your services. The Web Surgery design websites with in-built SEO to attract more patients, as well as ensuring high quality content.

We also work with talented and experienced videographers and photographers to create healthcare websites which have the look and feel of the bricks-and-mortar premises of our clients. With the additional of real-time video footage and photography of your premises and people, your website feels even more like a virtual window to your business and will give patients a sense of trust and familiarity.

Get an Instant Traffic and Lead Boost with PPC

Pay-per-click advertising is a quick and effective way of gaining traffic and targeted leads to your website. Well, it can be if it’s done properly. The Web Surgery team are experienced in managing PPC campaigns of various sizes and can help ensure you get the most for your budget and that both text and display ads are properly targeted to bring the right kind of traffic to your website. We can tailor your campaigns to ensure maximum patient acquisition and return on investment.

In an increasingly busy world packed full of different options for healthcare and patients who have a better understanding of both their rights and needs, you need to do more to stand out. Work with The Web Surgery to improve and streamline patient acquisition and ensure new patients are always keen to choose you.

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