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Online Consultation For Doctors

Modern technologies have revolutionised the way people manage their daily lives and booking a doctor’s appointment is no exception. Many industries have been utilising the power of the internet for many years, making processes and purchases easier for customers and businesses. The medical industry, including doctors’ surgeries, have taken a little longer to introduce these new technologies.

However, now there are various ways that doctors can help themselves and their patients through the internet. Online consultations doctors are growing in popularity, and more and more patients expect to be able to use econsultation to contact their GPs.

What is an online consultation for doctors?

Running a busy GP surgery isn’t easy. Furthermore, with many patients having to call to book appointments or taking up appointment slots for simple medical questions, a lot of valuable time can be wasted. Online consultations doctors are web-based systems that are used to facilitate communication between you and your patients.

This econsult software can save your practice hours of precious time from focussing on the really important matters. As well as this it ensures that your patients not only have choice but are receiving the best possible medical care.  We can add econsultation software to your website and will allow your patients to communicate with you. Furthermore, they can manage their services with you online, at any time of day and from any location with an internet connection.

What can econsultation systems do?

Online consultations doctors offer various services for GPs, including:

Live Video Calls

Instead of having every patient book a face to face appointment, you can use econsult software to offer live video call appointments. Many patients struggle to make time to attend GP appointments, especially if it means taking time out of work. With live video calls, there is no need for them to take time off or head out if they are feeling unwell. Instead, they can talk directly with their doctor over the internet.

Schedule Appointments

GP receptionists spend the majority of their time taking calls to book appointments, and by introducing an econsultation system, you can save hours of valuable receptionist time. Patients will be able to visit your website and book an available time slot immediately, with no need to pick up the phone.


You can offer your patients the option to manage their prescriptions online instead of having to call in or book an appointment. Repeat and new prescriptions can be arranged and delivered directly to local pharmacies, saving time for doctors, patients and receptionists.

How It Works For The Patient

People these days are living very busy lives, and modern technology has resulted in them expecting always to be able to communicate and reach others immediately. Online consultation systems for doctors allow your patients to reach your GP surgery at any time and from any location.

More and more individuals prefer handling everything online or on their mobile phones while on the go, and by offering your patients the chance to book appointments and chat with a doctor on live video online, you will be making their lives much more convenient.

How do Online Consultation Systems work?

Using econsultation systems could not be easier for your patients, and the simple online process makes booking appointments or contacting doctors via live video an effortless process. Patients can book an appointment on your website at any time of day and from anywhere in the world.

They will have the freedom to choose an available time slot on your website, enter their details to book the slot, and will then receive an immediate email confirmation. This confirmation will give them all the details they need for their appointment, including the date, time and duration. To begin a live video or over the phone consultation with a doctor or specialist, patients can click an easy link on your website to be put right through.

Why Choose An Online Consultation System?

In today’s modern world, new technologies mean that processes that used to take a lot of time can now be completed very quickly and effortlessly. Traditionally to book a doctor’s appointment, patients would have to take the time to call their GP surgery in the morning and wait on hold to eventually get through to a busy receptionist. With an online consultation system, patients have the freedom and flexibility to book appointments instantly at any time of day.

The ability to speak to a doctor over live video will allow your patients to check in with a doctor without having to make a face to face appointment. This is ideal for patients with quick questions or non-urgent issues that don’t require a full appointment.

We help you to connect with your patients

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