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Need SEO for your website?


Do you ask yourself – I need SEO for my website?

Well, The Web Surgery can help you as we are not only web design experts but we provide SEO marketing services catered to reach the right audience using ethical methods in order to increase your website positioning in the search engines results pages.

Why do you need SEO for your website? Few web users will look past the second page of results on a search engine. We will review your site and increase your visual presence on search engines to help potential customers find your site.

Keywords and metadata: We will create specific keywords and competitor benchmarking. We will create the most relevant keywords that people are likely to use when searching for your products or services.

The first step, and this accounts for about 20% of the reason why you appear where you do in Google, is to have a website built well and with all the right tweaks and content presented in the correct way.

We create websites that are 100% search engine friendly, focusing on your desired key words and target audience from the word go.

The other 80% of the reason you appear where you do in Google is the amount of other websites that are talking about you and linking to your website.
The Web Surgery can help increase website traffic, generate additional natural traffic from search engines, raise your company profile online and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.
Our SEO campaigns range from six months onwards and help business generate more traffic and revenue to their websites. We offer customers three packages:
Package 1: £99 per month
Monthly report on your website traffic results. Details of links back to your website.
Package 2: £149 per month
Integration of news into your website and updated monthly which search engines will find valuable and therefore upping your page rankings.
Package 3: £199 per month
As above but every week.
If you would to talk to us about SEO then please contact us for a free no obligation quote.