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When it comes to attracting new patients, your website is one of, if not the, most important digital marketing tool you have. It sends a message to potential patients about who you are, what you do, and why they can trust you to provide the best quality care at all times.

It’s vital, therefore, to have a website that works for you and your potential patients. This is where The Web Surgery comes in. We’re experts in producing high-quality medical websites that make a powerful first impression and help you grow your patient base as a result.

Key Medical Website Design Elements

When designing medical websites, we focus on five key elements to make them stand out from the crowd:

1.      Device optimisation

Over 70% of people use smartphones or tablets to access the internet. Therefore, your site needs to look good, whatever device is used. We design responsive websites optimised for speed and easy to navigate with flexible images and adjustable fonts, for example.

2.      Featured Services

On average, people spend 15 seconds on a website before deciding whether to move on. Therefore, a good website will grab their attention – quickly! We help you do this by showcasing a few key services on your home page, encouraging potential patients to click through for more information.

3.      SEO and Keywords

No matter how good your site looks, if you don’t use SEO and keywords, potential patients won’t find it because it won’t turn up in search engine results. Our digital marketing experts use medical SEOs and keywords that improve search results and drive traffic to your website as a result.

4.      Patient Experience

Reviews play a big part in a potential patient’s decision-making process. They want to know what other patients think, and if they were happy with the treatment they received. You can do this by creating a testimonials page or creating a page that lets patients post reviews’ live’ so that it’s constantly updated.

5.      Booking Appointments

Today, we’re used to buying or booking online. This includes appointments. Therefore, if possible, let patients book appointments through your website. We create easy online booking forms that can be accessed through the click of a button.

Let Us Design Your Website

If your website doesn’t contain these key elements, it probably isn’t as effective as it could be. Let us help you design a website that works. Contact us today to find out more.