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10 Steps to Starting your Own Medical Clinic

We have put together these ten steps to help you get your medical clinic idea off the ground and into action:

1.    Write it down

What is your vision for your business and your life? It seems a fairly large question but writing this down gives you a point to start from. What do you want your business to achieve? How do you want your life to be affected by it? These are just some of the questions to ask yourself before you take your idea any further.

2.    Test your Idea out

Field and market research is absolutely essential before you take an idea to market. Testing your idea will help you put together your business plan and approach potential clients and similar.

3.    Know your Market

You need to know your market as well as possible. This means researching competitors and look into what works well and what doesn’t.

4.    Is your Idea Sellable?

Ask yourself this question constantly. You need to make sure your service is marketable and will sustain your business. You may or may not have plans to grow massively but you need to be sure your clinic idea is marketable and will generate some return.

5.    Get Online

No modern business can exist without an online presence. This is where we really come in handy as we can help setup your whole online presence. From setting up your website to organising your marketing campaigns and ensuring your clinic is well-positioned to be found online.

6.    Think about Branding

If you want your clinic to be memorable it needs to be well-branded. You need a logo and brand which instantly says what your business does and is representative of you. We can help you design a logo and ensure all elements of your business are consistent and work together.

7.    Choose your Professional Partners

As well as working with a medical website design and marketing agency like us, you may also need to hire the services of an accountant and other business professionals. Look at your budget and business together and look for areas you may need professional support before investing.

8.    Consider Funding Options

You may already have the capital to start your business, or might form a partnership with other medical colleagues. There are also many start up loan programmes out there as well as other finance options through banks and investors.

9.    Keep it Legal

You need to make sure your clinic is set up to operate legally. This means ensuring you are registered appropriately with the HMRC, you have any compulsory insurances in place and you are operating within the legal guidelines of your sector.

10. Launch

Whether it’s a tangible medical product or a service your clinic is based on, you have to be ready to sell it and sell it in the right way. If you haven’t worked in a sales role previously this may take some getting used to but if you’re passionate about your business – you will soon get the hang of it.

Older business owners should feel comfortable in the busy marketplace and ready take on any competitor. At The Web Surgery we are ready and waiting for support and help your business grow.

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