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Medical SEO Agency in the UK

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a cornerstone of digital marketing.

By using keywords or phrases, it lets organisations increase traffic to their website. As a result, they appear higher in search engine results. At The Web Strategy, we help medical practitioners develop SEO strategies that attract new patients to their practice while continuing to engage existing patients with the range of treatments available.

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medical web design
Medical SEO

Our Approach to Medical SEO

We work with each client to identify their specific needs, developing SEO strategies that work for them.

We’re experts in medical and healthcare SEO and keywords. Our team are highly skilled with a wealth of experience in creating SEO strategies that work for each healthcare provider we support.

How We Can Help With Medical SEO

Our approach includes:

1. Research

Our team of digital marketing experts research and identify keywords specific to the services and treatments your practice delivers. These are matched against your organisational objectives to ensure they drive new patients to your site as a result.

2. SEO Audit

We complete a detailed technical audit of your website to understand the SEO and keywords currently being used. We look at which of these are effective, and which aren’t, leading to recommendations for changes that improve results.

3. Optimisation

Once we identify any gaps in your existing SEO and keywords and agree on actions to improve these, our web experts can make changes to your site to optimise content. For example, we can add meta and title tags to improve search result rankings, or we can redesign elements of the website to improve its structure.

4. Improving Quality

We work with our clients to improve the quality of the content on their websites, helping build their reputation and their voice as a leading authority in their field. As a result, they see increased traffic and sharing of the site on social media (which, again, increases traffic).

Why Choose Us For Your Medical SEO?

We understand what patients are looking for when they search online for medical conditions or practitioners.

As a result, we can help make sure your practice appears in their online searches.  We also know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to healthcare providers. We have, therefore, created a range of SEO packages to suit each practitioner’s needs. These range from starter packages for small medical practices or individual consultants through to ‘Pro’ packages for larger providers. To find out which package works for you, contact us today.

How we can also help with other digital marketing services

Effective Medical SEO isn’t a one-off quick fix – it requires ongoing attention and focus.

We will undertake a FREE audit of your website and social media.  From our findings we will recommend a strategy that meets your needs and wants, based on the following range of services.


Search Engine Optimisation to boost online presence

Social Media

Social Media Management (SMM) and Advertising


Pay Per Click with major search engines


Create, distribute and share content


Brand video, interviews or explainer videos


Write and distribute Press Releases


For online and offline adverts and special offers


Designed and distributed to database


Design a digital or print magazine


Reconnect with your customers


Design communication messages and touchpoints


Monthly report on your SEO or traffic levels

You are not committed to any contracts and can start and stop at any point – we just need one month’s notice.

Some of our clients

Here are some examples of our digital marketing, website design and creative work

Prestige Private Health - Private GP Clinic

Private Clinic:
Prestige Private Health

Premier League Medical Advisor

Premier League Medical Advisor:
Dr Mark Gillett


Private Healthcare:

Mr Darren Chester - Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon:
Mr Darren Chester

Medical Website Design - Dr Rehan Haidry

Consultant Gastroenterologist:
Dr Rehan Haidry

Gynaecology Website Design

Consultant Gynaecologist:
Mr Anthony Parsons

London Rhinoplasty

Private ENT Clinic:
London Rhinoplasty

website design orthotic consultant

Private Clinic:
Orthotic Consultants

Aesthetics Website Design

Non-surgical Technology:
EpiNu Aesthetics

London Hip Practice

Private Medical Clinic:
London Hip Practice

The Blood Clinic

Private Clinic:
The Blood Clinic

Family First Healthcare - Private Online GP Services

Private Online GP Service:
Family First Healthcare

Private GP Practice - Chelsea Medics

Private Medical Clinic:
Chelsea Medics

Mr Majid Chowdhry - Knee and Hip Orthopaedic surgeon

Orthopaedic Surgeon:
Mr Majid Chowdhry

Foot Clinic Website Design - Finchley Foot Clinic

Foot Clinic:
Finchley Foot Clinic

The Picton House Clinic

Non-surgical Skincare:
The Picton House Clinic

King Edward VII Hospital - Private General and Occupational Practice

Private Practice Harley Street:
GP At London W1

Dr Harsha Bilolikar - Consultant Paediatrician

Consultant Paediatrician:
Dr Harsha Bilolikar

consultant cardiologist - Dr Paul Kirk

Consultant Cardiologist:
Herts-London Cardiology

Olaya Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery London and Newcastle

Plastic Surgery:
Olaya Plastic Surgery

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