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Medical Retargeting

No matter how good your website, only 2-3% of patients will engage with your services on their first visit.

For most, it takes a second – possibly a third – visit for them to decide if you’re the healthcare provider for them. That’s if they revisit your site at all. This is where retargeting comes in. And where the Web Surgery can help.

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What Is Medical Retargeting?

Whether you realise it or not, you will have seen retargeting ads online.

For example, you visit an online retailer to look for a new pair of shoes. But then you don’t buy them. It’s likely you’ll see ads for that same store, or same pair of shoes, for days – if not weeks – afterwards. This is retargeting.  Retargeting works because it appeals to an audience that’s already interested in a product or service. As a result, the ads are much more effective in targeting potential customers (or patients). They are also much more cost-effective, offering a higher return on investment.

The Challenges Of Retargeting

For retailers, retargeting is fairly simple.

For healthcare providers, it’s more challenging because of the Advertising Standards Authority, British Medical Association, and General Medical Council guidelines. These clearly outline what you can and can’t show in medical advertising. You can’t, for example, use personal information to create targeted ads.  At The Web Surgery, we’re experts in creating engaging ads within these strict guidelines. As a result, you draw more patients to your site and help keep existing patients engaged. This is especially important for Facebook and Google advertising because they have their own guidelines for healthcare advertising on top of those already mentioned.


Our Approach To Medical Retargeting

We use cookie-based technology, linked to specific codes on your website, to visitors to your site once they’ve left. In addition, we can create custom audience profiles.

These allow you to run targeted ad campaigns aimed at people who’ve visited specific web paged or used specific keywords in internet searches. By presenting them with unique ads that stand out, we draw them to your site. As a result, you can build a bigger patient base.  We work closely with clients to create ads that reach their target audience. We develop clear strategies that work for them and their practice. To discuss the strategies that will work for you, or get started on your retargeting campaign, contact our healthcare marketing experts today.

How we can also help with other digital marketing services

Effective digital retargeting isn’t a one-off quick fix – it requires ongoing attention and focus.

We will undertake a FREE audit of your website and social media.  From our findings we will recommend a strategy that meets your needs and wants, based on the following range of services.


Search Engine Optimisation to boost online presence

Social Media

Social Media Management (SMM) and Advertising


Pay Per Click with major search engines


Create, distribute and share content


Brand video, interviews or explainer videos


Write and distribute Press Releases


For online and offline adverts and special offers


Designed and distributed to database


Design a digital or print magazine


Reconnect with your customers


Design communication messages and touchpoints


Monthly report on your SEO or traffic levels

You are not committed to any contracts and can start and stop at any point – we just need one month’s notice.

Some of our clients

Here are some examples of our digital marketing, website design and creative work

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Medical Website Design - Dr Rehan Haidry

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Mr Darren Chester - Plastic Surgeon

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Healthcare Products - Alomar Health

Healthcare Products:
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London Hip Practice

Private Medical Clinic:
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Mr Ashley Costin-Brown

Orthopaedic Surgeon:
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Consultant Gynaecologist:
Mr Anthony Parsons

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UK’s Leading Football Doctor:
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