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Digital Marketing Agency In Lancashire

Looking for a Marketing Agency in Lancashire? The Web Surgery is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses grow with the help of our digital marketing experts, website designers and graphic designers.

We deliver everything to ensure your business’ marketing strategy is on point and we work with many local Lancashire businesses as well as those around the country and internationally. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

Integrated marketing services in Lancashire

The Web Surgery specialises in a full and integrated marketing service to suit businesses of all sizes in Lancashire.

You can tailor your package specifically to your business needs and our expert team can offer up the specific skills required to grow your business. We can help your business define its key marketing and growth goals and provide the practical solutions in every instance. We can help you with:

  1. Marketing your brand both on and offline
  2. Creating your brand image and identity
  3. Developing your business online presence to drive website traffic and enquiries
  4. Boosting sales through your online presence
  5. Building industry connections and partnerships
  6. Brand exposure

These are just some of the many things you can expect with The Web Surgery as your marketing partner. We transform your business goals into practical action, effective processes, and deliver results that ensure the continued growth and development of your brand. If you aren’t sure what steps to take or the direction you wish to go in, we can discuss this and come up with a plan of action with you too.  Contact us today to see how we can help.

Marketing your Lancashire business

Marketing your product or service is essential to achieving sales and growth.

You need a constant stream of qualified leads as well as your existing customer base. You also need effective marketing strategies to engage with both. The Web Surgery is a marketing agency Lancashire business owners can turn to for brand growth and development as well as short-term marketing campaigns and dedicated strategies for individual product launches or new service promotion.

Our team of marketing experts can help you to identify your ideal target audience, whilst maintaining the loyalty of existing customers. We plan and execute tactical solutions, utilising every aspect of the marketing mix and delivering marketing strategies that communicate and lead to your business goals.

We help brands in Lancashire who have an established audience grow to even higher heights. We also help start-ups get off the ground and find their very first customers. Wherever you are on your business journey, partnering with The Web Surgery for your marketing needs guarantees success.

Tell us about your marketing goals

Our marketing communications process makes it easy to connect with our team and achieve your KPIs.

Our process is straightforward and follows these steps:

  1. Initial brief
  2. Researching the current market including competitors
  3. Identify existing, lapsed, and new customers
  4. Examining and auditing current marketing activities
  5. Identify new opportunities
  6. Creating the core marketing strategy
  7. Action plan
  8. Implementing the marketing process
  9. Review and revise

We are ready to take you on the next step of your business’ journey. Our experts can’t wait to hear about your business and look at ways we can work together to achieve growth. Get in touch today and share your business’ needs.

How we can help your digital marketing

Effective digital marketing isn’t a one-off quick fix – it requires ongoing attention and focus.

We will undertake a FREE audit of your website and social media.  From our findings we will recommend a strategy that meets your needs and wants, based on the following range of services.  If you are looking for a Marketing Agency in Lancashire – get in touch with us today.


Search Engine Optimisation to boost online presence

Social Media

Social Media Management (SMM) and Advertising


Pay Per Click with major search engines


Create, distribute and share content


Brand video, interviews or explainer videos


Write and distribute Press Releases


For online and offline adverts and special offers


Designed and distributed to database


Design a digital or print magazine


Reconnect with your customers


Design communication messages and touchpoints


Monthly report on your SEO or traffic levels

You are not committed to any contracts and can start and stop at any point – we just need one month’s notice.

Our clients

Please find below some of our clients that we help with digital marketing.

Skincare Treatments - FK London

Non-surgical Skincare:
FK London

Property Developers - Westongate

Luxury Property Developer:

TV Production Company - Over The Top Pictures

TV Production Company:
Over The Top Pictures

Private Healthcare Clinic:

Podcast Series - Who Dares Leads

Podcast Series:
Who Dares Leads

Innova Laser Skin & Cryosthetic Clinic

Laser Skin Clinic:

Carpe Design Manufacture

Innovation Agency:
Carpe Design Manufacture

Prestige Private Health - Private GP Clinic

Private Clinic:
Prestige Private Health

Mr Vimoshan Arumuham

Private Consultant Urologist:
Mr Vimoshan Arumuham

Hair Loss Clinic in London - Hair Loss London

Hair Loss Clinic:
Hair Loss London

Private GP Clinic - Chelmsford Private GPs

Private GP Clinic:
Chelmsford Private GPs

Premier League Medical Advisor

Premier League Medical Advisor:
Dr Mark Gillett


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