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Live Video Training Courses

As we move into the virtual world, we’re even moving into virtual classrooms. Leaving the office for a training session can take a lot of time out of your day – and costs a lot to travel. However, training is really important for the skill development of your team. Therefore, it might be time to consider online training sessions, such as live video training courses.

Live video training is where courses are held online and at a particular time by someone who is presenting live from another location. This allows many people to join the class from lots of different offices.  Whether you’re thinking of hosting an online training session or attending one, here are the two different types of Live Video Training Courses that The Web Surgery can create for you.

1-2-1 Training

Firstly, there are one-to-one live video training classes. This is when there are only two participants, yourself and the teacher. You’re able to watch, interact and ask questions live. Sometimes this can be face-to-face in a video call, or through ‘screen sharing’. This enables the teacher and student to see the leaning materials or go through a program or software.

For example, at The Web Surgery, they provide online courses to teach businesses how to use social media. Anything from setting up business Facebook pages, to optimising the content. Your teacher would be able to help and show you how to do it.

Group Live Video Training

Secondly, there are group live video training sessions. They are often broadcast to a wide range of students from different places and companies. They are slightly less interactive but normally still allow you to type questions, and the host can address them at the end. It can be helpful not feeling the pressure of the one-to-one or getting questions or input from people you don’t regularly interact with.

For example, The Web Surgery, provide a general training course for improving the search engine optimisation of a business website. This will cover anything from what SEO is, link building, on‐site SEO, using social media as part of SEO, optimising local searches and explaining Pay Per Click (PPC).

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Why choose The Web Surgery?

Not only does The Web Surgery provide and host online learning courses, but they also help companies create them. If you’re thinking of sharing your expertise, you can become a host of courses for other companies. It can even earn you extra money!

They create courses on a wide range of topics for multiple devices. Therefore, users can interact at work, home or on the move. The Web Surgery offers bespoke e-learning packages, where we design, build and develop everything you need for your e-learning courses.  From content creation, questions and answers, to quizzes, video and narrative.

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