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How can I get more traffic to my website?

Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?

A common misconception of many new business owners, complete with a newly built website, is that soon, the customers will be flying in. You believe the website looks great, you’ve populated it with content – what could go wrong? The truth is, lots of things. There are many reasons why people aren’t visiting your website and most of them can be solved by investing a little more time and money into your site.  Here are some things to consider when working out why your site just isn’t bringing in the numbers you hoped it would.

Out of (Keyword) Control

You’ve probably heard keywords are good for your search engine page results. This is true but it’s not unknown for new business websites to go a little bit too crazy with the keywords. Search engines will crawl your content for relevant keywords but the last thing you want is to stuff your content so full that it becomes an effort to read. Your customers aren’t interested in keywords so keep their experience at the heart of all you write – write for your customers first and search engines second.

No Social Presence

Building your website is one thing but what are you doing to promote it? If it’s just sitting there how do you expect people to find it? In 2014 it is imperative that you’re active on social media, a bare minimum should be posting updates to Facebook and Twitter but beyond this you should look into other social networks which may fit your businesses. On location businesses do well with Foursquare whilst visual heavy businesses like those selling products often see a good ROI from Pinterest.

Where’s your Blog?

Are you blogging? One of the main things which gets your site noticed by search engines and customers is regularly updated, fresh content. Fresh content which is relevant to your industry and informative for your customers will help improve your search engine rankings as well as boosting your reputation amongst potential customers and other influencers in your network. Companies which blog even once a month see a huge increase in their monthly views than those who don’t. If you can’t find the inspiration yourself, then consider hiring a professional.

DIY Design

A DIY web design can help you save money but what do you lose in return? It’s highly likely that customers are put off by your design and can tell it’s not professional. Yes, web design can be expensive but it’s a real investment in your business and you’ll soon reap the rewards. Investing extra capital in a web designer means you can explain exactly what you want for your design and have it delivered. You will also benefit from additional extras such as a responsive design which ensures your site can be viewed on all screen sizes and elements of SEO built into the design.

If your website is well designed and is being updated regularly then you should soon see the hits you want. It takes a little work and perhaps a little more capital than you initially hoped but it is worth it for the success of your business website in the long run.

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