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Healthcare SEO

As we’ve carved out a niche in healthcare and medical marketing, our team has learned the ins and outs of effective healthcare SEO.

SEO is always a long-term strategy but the results can be huge if conducted in the right way.

While everyone always not to use “Dr Google” for any medical information, most people immediately reach for the search engine when they have a health complaint. This is where your healthcare SEO comes in. As an experienced and qualified medical professional, you have the expertise to provide searchers with the information they need when using search engines. This also gives you the chance to increase awareness of your brand, products or services.

Healthcare SEO: Keyword Management

As we have developed so many medical and healthcare websites and worked with doctors and health professionals on their marketing campaigns, we’ve come to be very familiar with healthcare SEO.

We know the keywords you should rank for, and we know how to incorporate these keywords effectively and naturally into your website’s content.  We carry out extensive keyword research for all of our healthcare SEO clients and use this to boost your visibility in search and, in turn, drive more enquiries via your website

Technical and On-Page SEO

SEO is about more than great quality blog posts and newsfeeds.

The search engines are becoming much more focused on accessibility and usability. This means how your website operates, its loading speeds and user-friendliness will impact its position in the search engines. Not even the best SEO copywriting in the world will counterbalance a poorly designed site.  We provide our clients with technical audits that look closely at the site’s ability to rank well within Google and other search engines. There may be bugs or issues impacting your position that we can easily fix. We also ensure on-page and on-site SEO features are built into the fabric of your website.

Specialist Copywriters

Content is the driving force behind much of the power of SEO.

Content is also the necessary starting point for successful digital channel management and business growth. Our specialist copywriters have considerable experience in writing for medical and healthcare businesses. They can deftly combine correct medical terminology and user-friendly language to create webpages and blog posts customers want to read, and so do the search engines!

We can provide tips and optimisation for your whole website and ensure SEO is incorporated into your content in a natural way that does not put off your clients.

Crafting the Perfect Healthcare UX

Healthcare SEO is one element of your business’ online marketing strategy.

Combined with other elements such as healthcare marketing strategies, social media management and other powerful tools to amplify your online presence, you can create the ultimate healthcare user experience for your clients. The aim of healthcare SEO is to supercharge your website and bring in even more patient enquiries. Working with us will help ensure this is what happens.  Contact us today to find out more about healthcare SEO.