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eLearning Course Developer

Are you looking to create an eLearning course that’s accessible from your website but struggling to know how? Designing bespoke learning courses doesn’t have to be hard. By choosing a company such as The Web Surgery to help you, it’s a simple and hassle-free process. What can they do for you?

Work out what you want from it

Firstly, you can discuss your needs and requirements with the team. It’s important to give a full and solid brief about what you want to achieve. At this point, you don’t even have to have content. You just have to communicate what you want.

The content

Following this, comes the content. It needs to be engaging and exciting for your students – otherwise, no one wants to do it! You’ve got to understand your audience and the level they wish to be taught at. Content doesn’t have to be just videos or live presentations; it can also be information packs, exams, quizzes, and social media content to promote your course.

You need strict objectives

To understand if your course is beneficial and to ensure that all those attending are sure about what they’re signing up for – you’ve got to set clear and specific course objectives. They should be what the student will have achieved by the end of your eLearning course.

Planning and delivery

At this stage, it’s time to create an accurate storyboard for your content and the delivery of your eLearning course. It shows how the course is completed from start to finish. This stage makes sure that everything is covered and nothing is likely to go wrong.

Test it out

It’s best to test your course out before it goes live. Make sure deadlines are reasonable, and links and downloadable content is working.

Market to your audience

Now that it’s ready to go, it’s time to share it and get people to sign up. You can do this through social media campaigns or endorsements from other websites. When people have started signing up and taking the classes, then you can, upon completion as for feedback and continuously update the course as required.


Finally, you won’t know if it’s doing its job unless you measure it. You can measure the e-learning course results through your designated Learning Management System.

Do you have questions about eLearning Course Development?

If you would like to chat with The Web Surgery team regarding our eLearning Course Development services, then please contact us here.