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Online Course Development | E-Learning Course Development

E-Learning courses are growing in popularity. Many companies are choosing to train their staff by utilising growing technologies such as Learning Management Systems (LMS). We specialise in creating bespoke Learning Management Systems that meet your every requirement. This can include tracking, reporting, certification and training programmes.

At the Web Surgery, we can also help with the creation of the courses within this system, and our expert team create e-learning solutions for businesses all across the globe. All of our courses are designed for use across all devices and platforms, making them ideal for both internal and external training programmes.

E-Learning Course Development

We can create e-learning courses for a wide range of topics, and our team can design, build and develop every aspect of the course to make sure it fits with your every need. We will design and develop your required e-learning courses from scratch and deliver a finished product that works seamlessly on mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

All our courses are SCORM compatible, and we can incorporate various features to keep the user engaged during their learning. Video production, sound effects, presenters and voiceovers can be used to create gripping content, and course points, gamification and certification can all be incorporated to encourage learners to reach their full potential.

No Content? No Problem

If you don’t currently have content to use in an e-learning course or Learning Management System, then our experienced team can help. We can design completely bespoke and unique e-learning courses by taking your existing content from your website or information and transform it into an engaging and memorable course that is user-friendly and exciting for all. Let us create your e-learning courses on your behalf, so you can focus on what really matters to your business.

How Does It Work?

Our process is simple and hassle-free as we do all the hard work for you. The process for creating completely bespoke e-learning courses includes:

  1. Discuss your need and requirements to get a full brief and solid understanding of exactly what you need.
  2. Collate engaging and exciting content for your e-learning audience.
  3. Set the learning objectives for your course.
  4. Design an instructional plan of action.
  5. Create an accurate storyboard for your content and delivery.
  6. Design and create your bespoke e-learning course.
  7. Complete through testing and make any final amendments.
  8. Publish your e-learning course.
  9. Market to your target audience.
  10. Collect and review any feedback and continuously update the course as required.
  11. Measure the e-learning course results through your Learning Management System.
E-Learning Course Development

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