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Domus Organising – helps you to Organise Your Home & Work.

Domus Organising was set up by David Denton. David gained success and experience in both the Operational and Sales side of Financial Services. The customer is consulted at every step and nothing is destroyed (or re-cycled if preferred). Any agreed documents and paperwork will be destroyed confidentially, either by the customer or by Domus Organising.

How It Works

1. Meet face to face

You tell Domus Organising what you would like, together with any special or personal preferences. You should think about things such as:

  • What is your biggest ‘bugbear’?
  • What you would like in an ideal world?
  • What is your priority?
  • What would you like to keep?
  • What would you like to dispose of?
  • What do you refer to regularly?
  • What do you rarely/never refer to?

2. Agree a plan which meets your needs

There is continued flexibility should you wish to alter plans half way through.

3. Put plan into action

With meticulous attention to detail.

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