Doctors website design

Making a good impression online is important for all professionals, not least doctors who want to advertise their services, practice and experience.

Researching online is something many people do before even considering attending a surgery or clinic so a doctors website design really matters.   We can help you as we’re medical digital experts who offer a wide range of bespoke services.

Your medical website

Your website can be a window into your practice and your experience so make it count.

If you are being searched online, you want what you potential patients find to be positive and well-designed.  Medical care is of course something which should be taken seriously and so your doctors website should be representative of this. Clarity should be at the heart of your design as well as ensuring all key information is there for potential patients.

Doctors website design and marketing features

Here are some of the features that we can create for your new website.

Website Design

Responsive to work on mobiles & tablets

Graphic Design

Have your own logo & branding designed

Domain Name

Look at your best options & add SSL security

Email Address

Have your own personal email address


We can organise a photo shoot or buy stock images

Content Creation

We can write the page copy or blogs for you


Let us help you get found on search engines

Digital Marketing

SEM, SEO, PPC, PR, Digital Advertising, Newsletters etc.

Social Media

Social Media Management (SMM) and Advertising

Legal Documents

We can help with your legal documents online


Choose from a range of hosting options


Monthly report on your SEO or traffic levels

Examples of web design packages

Looking for something specific? We would love to hear from you and see how we can help.


5 page website

1 Email account
Domain & hosting
Logo design
5 images
SEO setup
Search engine submission



10 page website

2 Email accounts
Domain & hosting
Logo design
10 images
Basic SEO
Search engine submission
Social media setup
1 software update



20 page website

3 Email accounts
Domain & hosting
Logo design
20 images
Advanced SEO
Search engine submission
Social media setup

2 software updates
Content created for pages
Google analytics



40 page website

4 Email accounts
Domain & hosting
Logo design
40 images
Search engine submission
Social media setup
4 software updates
Content created for pages
Photo shoot
Google analytics
Monthly SEO & Marketing
Legal docs: T&C’s, GDPR etc
Video shoot
Website backups & security


Examples of our work

Below can be found some examples of our creative, digital and marketing work

TV Production Company - Over The Top Pictures

TV Production Company:
Over The Top Pictures

Private GP Practice - Chelsea Medics

Private Medical Clinic:
Chelsea Medics

Mr Premjit Randhawa - Consultant ENT Surgeon

Consultant ENT Surgeon:
Mr Premjit Randhawa

Olaya Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery London and Newcastle

Plastic Surgery:
Olaya Plastic Surgery

Consultant Physician:
Dr Stephanie Barrett

Plastic Surgery Website Design and Marketing

Plastic Surgeon:
Mr Irfan Khan

Dr David Begley

Cardiac Rhythm Management:
Dr David Begley

Inspiring Women In Medicine

Networking for Doctors:
Inspiring Women in Medicine

Sanjay Kumari - Consultant Gynaecologist

Consultant Gynaecologist
Miss Sanjay Kumari

Consultant Gynaecologist - Vivek Nama

Consultant Gynaecologist:
Vivek Nama

Consultant Gynaecologist - Mr Philippe de Rosnay

Consultant Gynaecologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon
Mr Philippe de Rosnay

Dr Dominic Paviour - Consultant Neurologist

Consultant Neurologist:
Dr Dominic Paviour

Dr. Victoria Owen is a private general practitioner

Private General Practitioner:
Dr Victoria Owen

Physis Therapies - Harley Street London

Therapies in Harley Street:
Physis Therapies

Counselling London - Peter Thomas

Counselling & Psychotherapy:
Counselling London

Stephen Hanscomb Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Psychotherapy & Counselling:
Stephen Hanscomb Psychotherapy

Holistic Pain Management Lab

Complementary & Alternative Medicines:
Holistic Pain Management Lab

British Association for Sexual Health & HIV

Online Assessment:
British Association for Sexual Health & HIV (BASHH)

LGBT plus

Psychotherapy & Counselling:

Non-surgical Treatments:
FK London

Dr Natasha Bijlani

Private Consultant Psychiatrist:
Dr Natasha Bijlani

Paul Barrett Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy:
Paul Barrett

What makes a good website?

A well-designed website, created for you with your goals in mind, needs to do more than look good. The design needs to be clean and intuitive and keep things simple.

Your doctors website is a chance to give potential patients a look at surgery or clinic and a glimpse into yourself as a practitioner. Many doctors website design ideas seem to stop at a single page with a range of information on it but in most instances this is not enough for the average patient. As more doctors look to advertise their services or at the very least have an online presence for the benefits of their patients from an informational perspective, you need to have more than a single page of information.

Getting the right Doctors website design

A good doctors website should be reflective of your work and your practice.

Your website should be clean and simple and keep the information simple and easy to access. A good doctors website design has the average patient in mind.  Many doctors have plenty to say and may want to share expert knowledge and information on their website but this should be kept to a dedicated area. Your research papers and in-depth knowledge is not necessarily what potential patients want to see when first visiting your website.  A good doctors website design will find space for these important elements of your work but keep them aside so the focus can be the basic and essential information patients and potential patients may want or need.

Images from our medical photoshoots

We offer a bespoke photoshoot service where we come to your clinic or practice.

If required, we also supply models, hair and makeup and a location finding service.

Video shoot examples

Our video shoots can take place at your clinic or practice.

We offer scriptwriting, editing, graphic animation, music, voice overs, presenters, autocue, sound engineers, hair and makeup etc.

Promotional Video
Promotional Video
Promote your company
Welcome Video
Welcome Video
Medical Consultant
Interview with Q&A
Brand Video
Brand Video
Natural aloe vera products used in hospitals

Doctors website design at The Web Surgery

We specialise in creating unique websites for doctors and many other professionals.

Working with a professional web design partner gives your doctor’s website the best chance of looking clean, well-designed and professional.  At The Web Surgery we are proud to have worked with many doctors, medical centres and more helping to craft unique and fitting doctors website design packages for their needs. Our team is focused on quality and ensuring the site design is exactly what you need and at the very least meets your expectations, if not exceeding them.  Contact us today to discuss the individual requirements for your doctors website design.