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Medical Marketing

Professional medical marketing services are a vital consideration for all professionals and practice providers.

The right marketing solutions can help boost revenue, build referral networks, patient booking systems and enhance the reputation as a whole.  Professional medical marketing can help to attract the right kind of patients for your practice, increase general and brand awareness for your practice and help build and foster referrals and referral networks. Your online presence is an opportunity to sell yourself and your services, as well as build your reputation and establish yourself as an expect in your field.

medical web design

Keep Patients away from “Doctor Google”

Almost all potential patients and people in general use search engines to research medical conditions.

On some levels this is great as it shows people taking more care of themselves and showing more interest in their health. On another level, it is important they access the right information. With the right marketing strategies medical professionals can position themselves as hubs of information and reliability for their patients. Most patients consult Google before choosing a doctor and so being found online is key to attracting new patients.

How we can help you

The medical marketing consultants at The Web Surgery are highly experienced in effective digital marketing strategies and the services we can offer incorporate:

  • Website design and development
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Reputation management
  • PPC advertising
  • Patient-lead generation
  • Social media marketing and scheduling
  • Blog and content management
  • Email marketing
Plastic Surgery Website Design and Marketing

Build and Enhance your Reputation Online

Potential patients are searching for your services, both locally and nationally.

Whether they’re using your name or associated business keywords, there are patients looking for your services regularly, so you need to be found. A properly designed medical marketing strategy ensures that when the relevant keywords are entered into the search engine, your website is found. What’s more you can ensure it is exactly relevant, with the creation of the right landing pages, rich content webpages and blog and news content.

An up-to-date website is a convenience for existing patients who really do feel the value of being able to check appointments online, access clinic information and be made aware of any last-minute notices such as staff training days or similar.

Medical Marketing for All Professionals

Medical marketing is applicable to all professional working in healthcare and medicine.

Good website design can help all practitioners from doctors to dentists to complimentary therapists and when combined with high quality, fully tested marketing methods, there is no reason why your online presence shouldn’t be a solid resource for new patient enquiries and referral network development.

Private GP Practice - Chelsea Medics

How we can help your medical marketing

Effective digital marketing isn’t a one-off quick fix – it requires ongoing attention and focus.

We will undertake a FREE audit of your website and social media.  From our findings we will recommend a strategy that meets your needs and wants, based on the following range of services.


Search Engine Optimisation to boost online presence

Social Media

Social Media Management (SMM) and Advertising


Pay Per Click with major search engines


Create, distribute and share content


Brand video, interviews or explainer videos


Write and distribute Press Releases


For online and offline adverts and special offers


Designed and distributed to database


Design a digital or print magazine


Reconnect with your customers


Design communication messages and touchpoints


Monthly report on your SEO or traffic levels

You are not committed to any contracts and can start and stop at any point – we just need one month’s notice.

Examples of web design packages

Looking for something specific? We would love to hear from you and see how we can help.


5 page website

1 Email account
Domain & hosting
Logo design
5 images
SEO setup
Search engine submission



10 page website

2 Email accounts
Domain & hosting
Logo design
10 images
Basic SEO
Search engine submission
Social media setup
1 software update



20 page website

3 Email accounts
Domain & hosting
Logo design
20 images
Advanced SEO
Search engine submission
Social media setup

2 software updates
Content created for pages
Google analytics



40 page website

4 Email accounts
Domain & hosting
Logo design
40 images
Search engine submission
Social media setup
4 software updates
Content created for pages
Photo shoot
Google analytics
Monthly SEO & Marketing
Legal docs: T&C’s, GDPR etc
Video shoot
Website backups & security


Examples of our work

Below can be found some examples of our creative, digital and marketing work

Prestige Private Health - Private GP Clinic

Private Clinic:
Prestige Private Health

Premier League Medical Advisor

Premier League Medical Advisor:
Dr Mark Gillett


Private Healthcare:

Mr Darren Chester - Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon:
Mr Darren Chester

Medical Website Design - Dr Rehan Haidry

Consultant Gastroenterologist:
Dr Rehan Haidry

Gynaecology Website Design

Consultant Gynaecologist:
Mr Anthony Parsons

London Rhinoplasty

Private ENT Clinic:
London Rhinoplasty

website design orthotic consultant

Private Clinic:
Orthotic Consultants

Aesthetics Website Design

Non-surgical Technology:
EpiNu Aesthetics

London Hip Practice

Private Medical Clinic:
London Hip Practice

The Blood Clinic

Private Clinic:
The Blood Clinic

Family First Healthcare - Private Online GP Services

Private Online GP Service:
Family First Healthcare

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Medical Marketing at The Web Surgery

The Web Surgery provides a wide range of marketing and design services to medical professionals from all backgrounds.

Our extensive experience in the medical and healthcare sector means we know exactly how to target and engage your target audiences, creating online presences which are intuitive, concise and ideal for both existing and new patients. Contact us today to find out more and discuss our packages in depth.