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Google Ads

Medical Practice Management - Medical PA Service

Medical PA Services For Your Private Practice

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Setup your private practice with The Web Surgery


Entering the world of private medical practice can be exciting and daunting. We are proud to have helped many doctors build their successful private medical practices, with a range of services available from our team. The Web Surgery is passionate about working with medical professionals looking to succeed and develop their own successful private medical clinics. We will work with you to create an online presence, as well as additional tools, to help your business become a success. Our services ensure you have dedicated support throughout your business’ journey and not just the foundations to get started. We can help with:

Your own phone number and medical PA service

We provide many of our medical sector clients with a dedicated phone number, invaluable for their business. We ensure a professional feel to all services provided and can arrange medical personal assistant services too for clients without these initial facilities. To make sure you’re getting the most from your services can provide call statistics and help ensure your medical PA is delivering the best possible service to your patients. We can create a bespoke medical PA service to support your business.

The right medical practice management

There are a range of practice management software packages out there. Ensuring you have the right medical practice management in place helps ensure you create the right impression for patients. As specialists in supporting healthcare businesses and private sector doctors we can make recommendations for the best software package for your needs. The right management software makes task management and appointment bookings seamless and easy to manage. It will safe storage of all patient information and be fully GDPR compliant.

We have experience in a range of different practice management software options and can talk through the best choices for your clinic. We can also ensure your medical PA is fully experienced and literate in your chosen package.

Designing an online presence and website that works

We specialist in website design and marketing and have many medical clients. Our medical websites are unique to the individual clinic and keep in mind your preferences for your practice. We design websites that reflect your clinic’s values and provide a wealth of information for patients exploring the website and also potential patients looking for a doctor in their area. A well-designed website is essential for private practice as you need to be visible online when potential patients search for your specialism or a doctor in their area.

We can provide hosting and help you choose the right domain name for your business, and also ensure you have a corresponding email address for enquiries.

Continued support through our marketing services

Many of our medical clients benefit from our wide range of medical marketing services. Tailored medical marketing can help grow your patient base, build your reputation and enhance the first impression you make when someone searches for your business online. It can also give existing patients more confidence and trust in your business as you actively seek to build a strong reputation for your business.

Our marketing services include content and blog writing to provide your business with a regular and relevant updates for your blog or news page, social media marketing over your choice of channels, including growing mediums like TikTok and Snapchat, email marketing, video content and any other method of marketing that is fitting for your business.

Professional medical practice management with the Web Surgery

Our talented team is packed with knowledge and in-depth experience working with medical professionals and those entering private practice for the first time. You can explore our portfolio of work and simply get in touch to arrange an initial call. We can’t wait to hear from you and start the journey.

Google Ads

Google Ads Agency based in Lancashire

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The advertising campaigns you invest in for your business will influence how many customers you attract and the traffic to your website.

Attracting high levels of traffic will increase sales and working with an experiences Google ads agency ensures your business is well-positioned to make the most of its advertising budget

How Google Ads Can Help Your Business In Lancashire

The Web Surgery is a successful and experienced Google Ads agency Lancashire businesses can work with. We also work with clients all across the UK and further afield. We can help make your Google Ads campaigns more successful and handle them on your behalf as we know it can be quite a complicated thing to get used to. We’ll work to improve the Roi from your Google Ads budget and support your organisation’s goals in terms of reach and aims from your advertising campaigns.

We have pay-per-click specialists in our extensive digital marketing team and can help ensure your ads are as successful as possible. Whether you need a full review of your Ad spend and programme, remarketing support o help with Google Shopping Ads, our team can help. Let’s look at what we can offer your business.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The Web Surgery’s experience Google Ads team can help ensure your PPC campaigns are running successfully. We will ensure all your paid advertising campaigns run effectively and we cover all elements of PPC including:

  • Keyword research: we can carry out keyword research on your behalf in the relevant niches. Ensuring high-quality keyword optimisation helps the success of your campaigns.
  • Bids: we can setup bids on your behalf and ensure they are properly designed with appropriate research into keyword competition and pricing.
  • Ad schedules: we will ensure all your adverts are running at the optimal time for your target audience.
  • Location focus: geo-targeting is a vital element of many business’ advertising focus as they want to attract customers in their local area. We can help target your ads to the region most suitable.
  • Negative optimisation: negative keyword optimisation is important for maximising the profits from your PPC campaigns. We carry out negative keyword optimisation to help improve your chances of positive results.

PPC is the most common form of Google advertising but we can help our clients with whatever their focus is.

Search, Display, Shopping and Remarketing

Google and the other search engines want to support businessowners in their advertising campaigns. There are many methods for advertising and The Web Surgery is here to help your business however it can. Different websites and businesses have different goals, but in all instances there is a Google Ads option.

Google Ads are suitable for organisations with B2B customers, as well as those looking for a wider range of customers. Google Ads are quick and effective for driving traffic to your website and landing pages and with the right advice, organisations in almost every industry can run profitable Google Ads campaigns.

The Web Surgery provides support for clients in many sectors delivering high-quality Search, Shopping, Display, Apps, and YouTube advertising. We can help maximise your spend and direct your advertising in the right direction.

Looking for a Google Ads Agency in Lancashire?

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