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February 2024


PPC Management Agency based in the UK

By Marketing, Pay Per Click, PPC

Paid search marketing is the quickest and most controllable method for getting your business noticed online.

Paid search marketing is the quickest and most controllable method for getting your business noticed online. Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is used by almost all businesses to ensure they are found by the right potential customers.  Our SEO experts work with you to help get your brand noticed online through a range of digital tools.

PPC Advertising

Getting the most from PPC advertising takes considerable time, experience, and energy.

It is a hugely data-led practice and often requires time which the average businessperson simply cannot spare day-to-day. The Web Surgery’s PPC management service ensures you don’t have to lose a second’s  business time as our experienced team can handle your PPC and ensure it delivers the results you’re looking for, within your set budget.  We offer a range of PPC packages, designed to offer all you need for your paid Google and Bing ad campaigns.

Managing and Monitoring your PPC Ads

The expert team at The Web Surgery will ensure all your paid advertising campaigns run like clockwork and our service includes the following:

Keyword Research

We will research keywords based on your niche and if relevant, location Our main goal is to ensure high quality keyword optimisation to improve your click-through rate.

Bid Setup

We can set up your bids and competitor base, after researching prices and also competition based on the chosen keyword or keywords. Our bidding my incorporate manual and automatic bids and your chosen PPC package will dictate the budget spent.

Scheduling Ads

We ensure your ads are running at optimal times for your business. Some businesses may benefit more from weekend advertising than others and we’ll be sure your campaign scheduling reflects this.

Geo Targeting

Local businesses want to attract local customers and geo targets helps with this. We can set your ads to target your specific region as well as have more far-reaching ads for the whole of the UK or further afield. Online serve providers can have worldwide targeted ads or those in areas you have pinpointed as target customer bases.

Negative Keyword Optimisation

Negative keyword optimisation is something people often forget, especially if they’re not working with a professional partner. We will find your negative keywords and enter them into your Google and Bing advertising accounts to help boost your PPC profits.

Bid Optimisation and Analysis

Once your adverts are active our work doesn’t stop there. We will make sure to check in and analyse the success of every campaign. We’ll tweak and change prices, as well as keyword optimisation and setup to maximise the chance of positive results. We will also monitor bid costs, CTR, clicks and keyword position, working to improve your position at all times.

Pay Per Click (PPC) with The Web Surgery

Pay-per-click advertising is a quick and effective way to boost traffic and clicks to your site.

As its tailored to a specific audience relevant to your business, there is also a higher chance of clicks turning into customers. Hand your PPC management over to The Web Surgery team and we’ll deliver effective results. Contact us today to discuss the right package for your business.

How We Work

Ecommerce Website Designer in UK

By Ecommerce Web Design, Web Design UK, Website Design Business

Whether you want to sell designer clothes online, beauty products or drinks, we can provide you with the very best in Ecommerce products and services.

Our website design team are renowned for creating user friendly websites, packed with all of the technology you need to stay ahead of the competition; including mobile and tablet optimised sites.

We can advise and assist you with every aspect of your new online shop.

We can be there to bounce ideas off of, we can help create your very own branding, we can manage the back-end of your store once it is live, we can even market and promote your website.

This diverse range of digital services, all in one place, ensures that your ecommerce web design experience is hassle-free. You can concentrate on running your business and we’ll do the rest!

Ecommerce web design features:

  • Start selling your products or services online 24/7
  • Our Ecommerce websites are built to your specifications
  • Responsive so that they work on desktops, tablets and mobiles.
  • We specialise in Ecommerce Web Design
  • Professional bespoke design
  • Update your website yourself 24/7 or we can do it for you
  • Built in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Accept online payments
  • Domain using, .com, .me, .org, (others available).
  • Manage your products and services with control on prices & shipping
  • Stock control for real time stock levels
  • Offer vouchers, coupons or online discounts
  • EPOS integration
  • Run on search engine browsers (Google, Big, Firefox, Safari, IE).
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Video
  • Google Analytics

Ecommerce Website Design Examples

Please find below some examples of ecommerce websites we’ve designed and built:

Would you like to have a new website built or have one updated?

Then get in touch with The Web Surgery today and see how we can help – contact us here.

Medical Business Coaching

Aesthetic Website Design For Clinic

By Aesthetic Website Design

We help aesthetic clinics with their online presence that needs to look perfect.

Effective web design for aesthetic clinics will showcase the importance of beautiful design whilst also offering perfect functionality and everything a customer could need from a clinician’s website. The Web Surgery has built up a strong reputation working with healthcare businesses, helping to create perfectly designed website to suit their services and clientele.  

Customers who come to us for help with Aesthetic website design

Every client is different which is why we only provide bespoke aesthetic website designs, with your clinic and clients in mind.

Our design team work with you and your vision to create a well-designed and properly branded website you can use to market your business and inform your customers. All of our designs feature:

Unique Design

As mentioned, no other clinic will have a website the same as yours, We’ll design a bespoke website with your clinic’s branding or help you with a full rebrand if you’re looking to fully overhaul your look.

Customer-Centred Features

Your customers are the main visitors to your website, so we ensure all our designs are as user-friendly as possible. Our websites are high converting and can have additional functions built in such as booking systems and chatbots to give your clients what they need, when they need it.

In-Built SEO

SEO matters if you’re hoping to rank highly on search engines, even simply for your most localised keywords. We ensure our websites have in-built SEO features in their design and can provide regular content and updates to ensure your site remains relevant and ranks higher. Our SEO specialists work with you to ensure your website is perfectly designed for your target keywords and can help define these keywords in advance too if needed.


You may want to be able to make small edits and changes to your website or update your news or blog. This is easy with our easy-to-use and access CMS. We usually use WordPress to build our client sites as it is unparalleled when it comes to user-friendliness, but we can look at other options if you have a preference too.

Quality Photo and Videography

As a business which is all about aesthetics and image, your own website has to have visual appeal. We can provide professional photoshoot services to give your website a professional look, show off your work in action, or snap shots of your team to add personality to your site.

Would you like to have a new website built or have one updated?

Then get in touch with The Web Surgery today and see how we can help – contact us here.