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May 2015

The Urban State release new album – Pop Shades

By Marketing, Web Design London

Pop Shades by The Urban StateThe Urban State have just launched their latest album – Pop Shades.

Pop Shades by The Urban State  was created by R.Jay, an East London-based songwriter who brought together a collective of performers to showcase their talents.

1. Dirty Filthy (feat. Lauryn Allegra)

2. Hypnotise (feat. Sarah Newton)

3. Oxygen (feat. Lauryn Allegra)

4. Paint My Picture (feat. Miss Pe)

5. Teardrops (feat. Sarah Newton)

6. Touch the Sky (feat. Lauryn Allegra)

7. I’m On Fire (feat. Lauryn Allegra)

8. Ricochet (feat. Miss Pe)

9. Colours of Love (feat. Donna Kolev)

10. Let It Go (feat. Donna Kolev)

The Urban State – Playing a mix of Electro, Dance and Pop Music.

See more at:

Business startup idea - Startup Clinic

Help for business startups launches – Startup Clinic

By E-Learning, Marketing, PR, SEO, The Web Surgery, Web Design, Web Design Hammersmith, Web Design London, Web Design Richmond, Web Design Solihull, Web Design UK, Website Design Business, Website Maintenance

The Web Surgery have just launched the Startup Clinic –

The new website provides a complete launch pad for new start-ups, existing businesses and entrepreneurs.  The vision of the brand is to help the country’s best new business ideas by offering integrated support at every stage on the journey to launch and beyond.

The Startup Clinic provides relevant support packages for any business, wherever they are on their brand journey, tailored from the following services:

  1. Strategy
  2. Naming
  3. Set up
  4. Branding
  5. Testing
  6. PR & Marketing
  7. Web Design
  8. Apps
  9. Recruitment and Training
  10. Beyond launch

If you have an idea or would like help to get your business idea moving forward then go to