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The Web Surgery has just launched a new video production service called ‘Meet the Team’.

The idea is that people don’t connect with companies – they connect with people.

Customers these days want to trust the companies they do business with and there’s no more powerful way of building that trust than by telling the real, human story of your business through your people.

‘Meet the Team’ is designed to introduce your company to customers and prospects, using a selection of your own team members on camera.

The Web Surgery creates a series of short video profiles which captures their individual personalities, with examples of how they personally bring your company values to life.

Using a unique method of recording interviews, participants are able to talk straight to camera with natural delivery and without feeling self-conscious, so it’s real, honest and believable.

The Web Surgery’s fully equipped green screen studio includes the latest 4K HDR Sony Broadcast cameras, which deliver TV and cinema quality content.

Present Your Brand
Present Your Brand
Professional Presenter
Promote Your Company
Promote Your Company
Company MD
Meet The Team
Meet The Team
Brand Video
Brand Video
Employees and Customers


As a complete piece, this instantly shows that your company has a human face, which is why it is different – and it makes a real emotional connection.

The videos have a wide range of uses, from explaining a new product or service to training staff on any aspect of your business or keeping people up to date with your latest news.

They can also be shown in a number of ways – including your existing website, intranet and social media platforms, screens in customer-facing areas, live events and exhibitions, emails and text messages, or as part of new business pitches.

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